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  • 9 September 2021
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I have a question, which is related to a topic of two months ago. But I couldn't find the answer in there.


I have an employee which works 28 hours a week. Her vacationdays are calculated correctly! But we have an issue regarding taking a holidy. We've found out that Personio will count her halve days (when she workd 4 hours) as full time days. This means that she will not have 7,84 days left, but 6,2, regarding Personio. Should I change something in the settings? 



Solved by Lena 10 September 2021, 10:56

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5 replies

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Hi @Wendy,

I am not sure which question you are referring to, if you could add the link here in the comments that would be great. :)

Regarding the situation, please keep in mind that with the normal absence management, the prorated entitlement only gets reduced for days which are closed in the work schedule.
When taking leave, full days get deducted for all open work days, no matter if the employee is working only 4h or the full 8h. Half days can only be taken on the first and the last day of a period, or also on single days.

We do have a Beta Test running for hourly absences, here you can find more details about the scope and how it will look like.
Until then you need to either give the employees a regarding higher leave entitlement, eg. like a full time employee when working on 5 days a week. Or the employees only need to take holidays for part of the week and enter another absence type to inform their colleagues about their absence on the other days. If you don’t have an absence type, only to inform the colleagues, you need to create a new one. Please make sure that for the absence type the question Consider attendance days during absence period as overtime? is answered with no. As it is not supposed to have an impact on the target hours in attendances and is not being paid.
When choosing to enter 2 different absence types, it is best to approach the employees and agree on the amount of days and how exactly they need to enter their vacation.

Does this answer your question fully and help you solve the situation? :)


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Hi @Wendy,
​​​​Did @Lena’s solution help you out?
If you have any follow-up questions or need any more help, please let us know :)


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Hi Daniele and Lena,

I'm still struggling with this problem. In the Netherlands we have a lot of parttimers, and we do give the possibility to go on vacation for four weeks. This means that the first half day and last half day off for parttimers isn't a solution. We will work around it, to give more days for there holiday.


 At this moment we will probably soon start with a governance of unlimited days of paid vacation. Then we will not really have this problem anymore. But I guess that a lot of other Dutch companies will struggle with this problem for their parttimers.

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Hi @Wendy,

Do I understand correctly that you wish to have 4 weeks which are taken off always at a half day?
If so, I suggest submitting it as a new idea so it will be forwarded to our Product Team as feedback. Have a look at this article on how to best submit an idea :)

Please take into consideration: Even though an employee is in part time, eg. 28h on 5 days a week evenly distributed. This person’s full day therefore has 5.6h, it always orientates on the working cshedule. When taking a full day absence, 5.6 hours are being deducted from the target hours and when taking a half day 2.8h are being deducted. At least this is the logic in Personio so far.

If you prefer to implement the suggested version, this is totally fine too.
Another user posted something for a similar topic, you are welcome to check out this idea and upvote it, in case this is helping you, too:

Best regards,

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