How to keep track of Dienstreisen/ Business Travels?

  • 6 August 2021
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Hi everyone,
I have a question regarding tracking the time of the business travels.

We currently use Personio in Germany and in Austria. Our Austrian employees are from time to time on a business trip to other offices. The only ideas I could come up with is to either create a Project called Business Trips and track it into that project or track it as type of absence. Are there any other possibilities?

How is your experience with tracking the time of the business travels?

Thank you!



Solved by Lena 9 August 2021, 14:36

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2 replies

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Hi @Aneta ,

both ideas you suggested are good. :) As far as I know there are currently no other options. I am happy to point out the advantages of each option: 

It mostly depends on the way and how detailed you want to track the business travels.

With project based time tracking you can count the business travels on an hourly basis. If you would like to show an absence in your calendar, you would need an additional absence to inform the colleagues. 

When using absences, you currently enter it on a (half) daily basis. In the future when the Beta test of hourly absence tracking is live, you will be able to track this on an hourly basis as well. The advantage here is, you could show in the calendar, that someone is not in the office as well, here the category is crucial. If you are using the absence type, please make sure, that in the Settings > Absences the question Consider attendance days during absence period as overtime?  is answered with no. As the business trip is working time and no real leave.

Does this information help you to make a decision?


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Hi @Lena,
thank you very much.
For now we will use the project based tracking and once the hourly absence is implemented we will move to that solution!



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