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How to: Collect Badges

  • 31 March 2021
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How to: Collect Badges
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Have you already noticed our badges?

In addition to the different ranks you can reach as a user, we also award badges. Some of our members have already managed to earn some. You can view their badges in the user’s profiles as well as in their posts & comments, right next to their profile picture.

What is a badge? 

A badge is an award we give to members of our community for special achievements. The purpose is to publicly highlight these achievements and share them with the community. 

How do you get a badge? 

You can earn badges through your activities in the community, e.g. by starting new threads, providing many answers that end up getting marked as correct, etc.

But we also want to reward you with badges for activities outside the community platform. For example by participating in Personio Beta tests, for sharing best practices, for working with you as a reference customer and much more. 

What badges are there? 

There are several different categories in which you can earn badges, e.g. Correct Answers, Topic Starter, Commentator, Personio Beta Tester, Reference Customer, and many more.

Have fun earning all those badges!

Your Personio Community Team

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