How to write your first post in the Community

  • 29 June 2022
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How to write your first post in the Community
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Hi there,
You recently signed up for the Personio Community? Awesome, welcome aboard! 💕

One of the first steps, next to completing your profile, is to write your first post.  Interacting with other Personio users is a great experience, as it can grow your network and help you make the most out of our tool. Are you ready? Great! 🤗

There are a few different possibilities to write a post: you can either create a new topic (aka thread) or just leave a comment under an existing topic.

Here’s a very quick guide on how to take the first step in the Personio Community and make your voice heard.


Submit a new Topic (question, discussion, idea)

There are three types of topics you can create. 

  • ❓ ask a new question
    • when you need help with Personio or are not sure about how to do something. 
  • 💬 start a new discussion,
    • if you want to kickstart a conversation about an HR Topic.
  • 💡 share a new idea (only for Personio users)
    • if you want to give feedback or suggest new features to our Product Teams. Before doing so, click here to learn about ideas.

To submit a new Topic, just click on the purple + Ask the Community button on the top right.

I recommend reading this article that explains how to ask a good question so you will get an even greater answer.


Leave a comment

to reply under an already existing Topic. Here are some ways on how to find some topics.

  • 🔎 Use the Search bar on the Community Homepage to look for topics that may interest you.
  • 🤝 Check out the list of recently active topics to see what others are talking about and join the conversation.
  • 🤗 View which questions are still open and see if you know the answer… there may be some good Karma waiting for you!

    If you feel like it’s too early to do one of the above, don’t worry. But let’s not be strangers - we would still be delighted to get to know you.
  • 👋 You can meet other people from the Community and introduce yourself by saying hello in our Lounge Area! We even prepared a few fun Icebreaker questions
  • And of course, you can also just leave a comment below to say hello - try it out! 


It’s great to have you on board - now it’s time to make your voice heard! 😊

Your Community Team

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