What is Ideation?

  • 31 March 2021
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What is Ideation?
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Do you want to share your product feedback with us? 


We’ve created this exclusive area where you can exchange ideas and share your feedback about our software with us and our own Product Experts, as well as other Personio customers.

What are ideas

Ideas are wishes and suggestions for improvement submitted by our customers. So if you are missing a feature in Personio which would be absolutely helpful for you and your company, please share your wish with us and the community.

What can I do here? 

In this section you can not only share your own ideas with the community and our Product Experts, but also read other people’s ideas and upvote them if you would also like to see them turn into reality. You can also comment on them and share your own insights from your everyday life with Personio.

What happens to my ideas? 

The feedback and wishes of our customers are essential for the further development of our software. That's why we review all incoming ideas: we look at which ones have the most impact, which ones are most popular (also measured by the amount of upvotes), and which ones can or cannot be implemented at the moment. Our Product Experts can also contact you directly if they would like to get more insights from you to understand why you want the new feature.

We also track the status of your idea here to give you and the community an overview of what is happening with the ideas: 

Status of the Idea Meaning
New This idea has just been posted. 
Open for Discussion
The idea has been reviewed and is open for discussion and voting. This means that we think the idea is interesting, but we are not ready yet to decide whether we want to do something with it. This means that we want to wait for more feedback/votes, it can also mean that this idea does not fit our product strategy at the moment, but is something we might look at later.

Our Product Team has reviewed the idea but cannot say for sure if it will be released. We have “parked” it in case it needs further review: our team might take it into account again in future discovery and research processes.

If it doesn’t get released, this could be for different reasons: due to the low demand, the complexity of building it, or the value it may return


This status shows that this idea has passed the research phases and our Product Team is planning to develop, test & release the new feature. 

We can’t say for sure how long this development process will take, as it always depends on each individual case. However, we will keep you posted! 

Planned (Partially)

This status shows that our Product Team is planning to release  some elements of this proposed idea.

Released The idea has been implemented and the new function has been created. 
Released (Partially)

Some parts of this idea have been implemented and are now available. 


Closed  (Missing Info) Unfortunately, we are still missing some details about this idea: our product product team needs more information in order to fully understand the request. We always ask our users several times in such cases, but if we don't receive any reply after several weeks, we temporarily close this idea until we receive further input.
Closed  (Duplicate) This idea already exists in a similar form in the Ideation section. We have merged it with the older idea and transferred all the votes, to keep the whole discussion in one place.


You will be notified about the change of the status of your own idea by email and you can find the implemented ideas in our product update section here, beside the general product updates. 

Now it's up to you! Share your wishes and suggestions for improvement with us and the community. 

» click here to visit our Ideation area.


We are looking forward to your ideas! 

Your Personio Community Team

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