• 3 November 2021
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Dear Personio Support Team,

Would be possible to limit the access to the Employees Notes by the Administrator? 

In my opinion this function should be private for each employee.

Thank you.


Solved by Maria Laura Arauco 3 November 2021, 16:55

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Hello @PRT

Thank you very much for sharing your questions with the community. 
Regarding your request, have in mind that employees with the role Administrator, will have access to absolutely everything in Personio. That is why, the role will also. give them access to Notes, or any other section in the employees profiles. 

Unfortunately,  this currently can’t be changed. I would encourage you to share your request in our Ideation Area for the wishes and ideas. Over there you can:

  • Read previously submitted ideas from other users and discuss them with the community.
  • Upvote and add more input to ideas you agree with.
  • Share your own ideas or requests about our tool. 

We will review all your ideas, comment on them, and forward them to our Product Development team who might include them in our planning for the further development of Personio.

Please let me know if there is anything else we can help you with. 

Best regards from Madrid,

-Maria Laura 

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