Hire date changes - instant notifications?

  • 12 September 2022
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Dear Personians,

Any idea on how to handle hire date changes?

As we all know, information about any potential hire date change is vital (for all the teams involved in onboarding of a new employee - from those ensuring that equipment&facility things are sorted out in time, to the people involved in cultural and KT part of the onboarding).

From time to time, it happens that some start dates are moved. While this is rarely a problem when start date is pushed for later, it can create a lot of fuss if it's moved for sooner date if not caught via regular reminders.

Is there a way to have an immediate notification as soon as the hire date is changed?

Workaround that we've tested is: integrating Personio Start/End date calendar with Slack (with preference to update us on any sort of event change) but that doesn't seem to work (unlike for some other calendars like vacations where any update is caught and a message to the appropriate group is sent, for some reason doesn't seem to fire any event/notification when it comes to start/end dates).

Just to be clear: regular Reminders don't solve this because it may happen that due to date modifications one of the "gates" gets skipped (e.g. reminder to the person in charge to check the equipment status 3 weeks prior to the hire date won't be triggered if 3 weeks and 2 days before the start date someone updated start date by -5d meaning that person is now starting in 2 weeks and 4 days, and thereby reminder never goes out).

Any suggestions?



3 replies

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Dear @Vida,

Thank you very much for posting this question in the Community. I really love the name of Personians 🤩.

If I understand you correctly, the issue you have is triggering Reminders for different employees when a new employee’s Hire Date is changes to an earlier date. You can set up a Reminder for the information saved within the Attribute Hire Date, nevertheless changes in Attributessuch as the Hire date can only trigger approval stepsThis is a process which you might be able to arrange as soon as we release our functionality for Custom workflows, which is in our Roadmap. The goal of this improved functionality is to enable you to trigger workflows more flexibly.

On the moment, you could for example work with Onboarding Workflows which can also trigger ToDos for different groups or employees. These tasks are always dependent on the Hire Date. Hence, if you change the Hire Date to an earlier date, you can erase and re-assign the Onboarding Template in the employee profile in order to trigger the To-Dos again. 

You can vote for the following idea in order to get notified as soon as we release our improved functionality for Workflows:

Please let me know if this information was helpful, or if there is any further question I can support you with!

I wish you a very nice afternoon. 



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Thanks Andrea, I am looking forward to Custom workflows (it's a great concept that can be used for many different purposes). In this particular case, however, a lighter solution would do (we already use onboarding workflows, but the problem arises when none of the defined "gates" catches the needed event and then this creates a lot of cross-team turbulences; hire date change is often entered by recruiters/talent managers, but many other supporting teams depend on this - e.g. IT, accounting, facility&operations, etc). Thereby, I was hoping to find the way where interested parties could have an immediate notification if some critical attribute (like hire date) changes. It looks like we'll need to experiment more with a workaround...

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Hi @Vida,

I understand, thank you very much for the further details! We still don’t have the possibility to test the new Custom Workflows, so I am not 100% sure if this will be the case. Nevertheless, they should enable you to configure your workflows more flexibly. The configuration you mention is clearly a workflow:

→ An action (the change of data) triggers an event (a notification)

So it is very probable that Custom Workflows makes the configuration you wish for possible. We will be able to give you more details about this topic soon. I hope we can cover this need!

Thank you very much for your patience. 

I wish you a lovely afternoon.



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