Recap: Personio Product Update - March

  • 4 March 2022
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Recap: Personio Product Update - March
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📹 Recording and questions 

You missed the Personio Product Update in March, or you want to watch the most important part again in peace? - No problem, we’ve recorded everything for you! 😊


These topics are waiting for you: 


  • Add Peer Reviews to Performance Cycles

  • Performance: Manage Performance Cycles

  • DATEV: Attribute Validations in the Employee Profile

  • Custom Reports: Reporting Management Improvements



  • Landing.Jobs

  • Merge

  • TalentBait



  • Send Interview Invites to Candidates



There has been one open Question in the Webinar:

In which time zone are Interviews sent out, is it now being adjusted automatically?

We had a similar question in our German community. And therefore have asked about a feedback from our Product Team. 

They have looked at the interface of the data transfer from Personio to Cronofy and have found that the time zone is not necessarily UTC as we first believed it is.

This means that currently the times are still passed on to Cronofy in the time zone of the creator. However, our product team will be reviewing the interface over the course of the year to see what kind of adjustments they can make.




🗣️ You participated live? Tell us how you liked the PPU? 



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