Recap: Personio Product Update - November

  • 4 November 2022
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Recap: Personio Product Update - November
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📹 Recording and questions 

You missed the Personio Product Update in November, or you want to watch the most important part again in peace? - No problem, we’ve recorded everything for you! 😊


These topics are waiting for you: 



  • Yearly Fixed Salary import

  • Goals Experience in the P&D module


  • Custom Reports API

  • New Integrations: Omnipresent, Shiftbase, Gfos, Monster, Capdesk

People Workflow Automation

  • New job board available for Multi- and Auto-posting


  • Possible reasons for mistakes in the absence balances of your employees

  • How to allow employees to view only certain absence types (e.g. for their office)



Do you want to read more about the presented features, have a look at the updates: 


Open questions:

  1. On the moment it is only possible to upload documents to a feedback form directly in the employee profile, but not within the performance cycle, is this correct? (The question was rephrased by the moderator)

Yes, on the moment it is only possible to upload documents within a feedback template in the employee profile (performance tab). When creating feedback within a performance cycle, it is not possible to upload a document. If you wish this functionality to be available within the performance cycles as well, please make sure to share this suggestion within our ideation area!


  1. How are yearly salaries shown in the preliminary payroll?

The yearly salary is distributed in months, and this is the value that appears in the preliminary payroll. For example, if an employee earns €45.000 a year,  the fix salary shown in the prel. payroll will be €3.750.


Please let us know if you have any further questions about the presented topics!

Have a wonderful weekend, 

Best, Andrea & the events team


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