How can we improve time tracking in Personio?

  • 13 January 2022
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👋Hello!  My name is Charlotte and I am the product manager for the time tracking functionality at Personio. 


⏰Does you and your company track time with Personio, and do you have thoughts on how it can be improved? We want to hear from you! 


📆Please use this Calendly link to schedule a call. We prefer to do the call in English, but German is also possible. 


🤗This is a great opportunity for you to give input to make Personio better. We look forward to hearing from you. 

4 replies

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Hi Charlotte, 

Yes I have an idea that would be very useful for us, as our current attendance software does this. 

When an employee forgets to clock out, the next day, they have a warning, both they and their supervisor, so they know they have to clock out and close the cycle. 

The HR department also has 2 reports:
1- Consultation in a period of employees who have not recorded their time (when they are not on holiday or absence). 
2- Consultation in a period, of employees who have not closed a register (for example, they have clocked in at 8 o'clock and have not clocked out). 

I would be grateful to know if there is something thought to solve our problem. 

Thank you and best regards.


btw, check this Idea


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Hi Paco! Thank you for your response, I would love to chat more about these in person so I can understand the needs here - you can set up some time for us here!

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Hi Charlotte, Thanks, Done, see you soon. 

Hello! It would be very useful for us to be able to download in PDF the time records of all the workers at the same time instead of having to do it one by one.In addition, it would also be very productive to be able to convert it into a template so that the employee and supervisor can sign it, now we have to upload it first for one signature, then for the other.Thanks!

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