How do you like the new API Credentials?

  • 24 September 2021
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Hello dear Community!

I'm Valentin, Product Expert at Personio and I support with the development of the Personio Marketplace and the Public API. A few weeks ago we released the new API credentials, which now allows you to generate and customize multiple API credentials.
We've really appreciated your feedback so far and were wondering to what extent you've already been able to integrate the new features into your processes? Is there anything you miss? I am looking forward to the conversation with you!

If you missed the update, please have a look here. You want to know what you can do with the API credentials? Then you should have a look at this article.

Best regards

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Hi @Valentin ,

I love the feature. One addition would be incredible: If we could filter which employees can be viewed via the API: e.g. View rights only for employees of subcomany X,Y & Z with status “active”.

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Hi @HRTech,

thank you a lot for your valuable feedback. I will socialize it with the product team that’s responsible for the feature.


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