Rounding of vacation days is coming soon! Do you want to help us shape it?

  • 10 January 2023
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Hi Community members 👋,

My name is Yuvin and I'm a Product Designer for Absence Management at Personio. The team is working on a brand-new feature in Absence settings that enables you to set a custom rounding rule for your accrual policies. 

Now we are looking to speak with HR Managers who are setting up accrual policies. We’d like to use your input to evaluate our potential solutions, ensuring that the design is easy to use and fits your use cases, thereby helping you to ensure your employees receive their correct entitlement.

Why should you participate? Help us understand what you need when it comes to rounding annual entitlement. You will also take a sneak peek at a new experience by testing some prototypes.


Interested? Here is what you can expect from our session:

  • It will take place between Jan 16th and Feb 1st

  • It will be conducted in English

  • It will last for 30 minutes

  • You will meet with me and Pauline, a UX Researcher

  • We will meet over Zoom so all you need is a computer with a good connection

  • Our session will be recorded for note-taking purposes only

  • There is no preparation needed

Use this link below to schedule your session at your convenience:

→ Book your session ← 

If you’re not available during this time but would like to speak with us, then please reach out directly at


Thank you for your time and interest!

Yuvin & Pauline

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Hi there, could you tell me what the expected release of this feature is?



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Hey @Tim 

My team is currently working on this feature and we decided to release it in stages to allow benefitting from it as early as possible:

  • Custom Rounding Rules for Yearly Entitlement for Hourly Absences: Still in Q2 ’23
  • Custom Rounding Rules for Yearly Entitlement for Daily Absences: Q3 ’23
  • Custom Rounding Rules for the final Absence Balance in the Employees’ Personal Absence tab: H2 ‘23. 

We hope you’ll like the new feature 🤗