Brand new: Training Management in Personio

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Brand new: Training Management in Personio

Hello, dear community 👋

There is news from the product team at Personio: On 08.03. we released our new feature Training Management 🥳 Of course, we are incredibly proud of this and would like to tell you a little bit about the new features.

What are the features of Training Management in Personio?

  • You can create training courses and associated sessions. 🪑
  • Participants can be added to the sessions. 👥
  • After the sessions are completed, you can track whether participants attended or did not attend. ⏰

How can the new functions support you?

  • HR managers can record employee participation in training sessions in a centralized tool.
  • It provides an overview of training initiatives in a structured format.
  • Information can be stored in aggregated form to make processes more scalable and reduce HR managers' administrative work.

As you can see, the new training management can already help you enormously and offers some possibilities. However, the question is ...

What other functions are planned?

  • Send invitations - All participants will receive an email including iCal link for upcoming training sessions and can add them to their calendars.
  • Reflect the status of the invitation in Personio - The next step is to reflect the status of the invitations in Personio, i.e. whether the participants have accepted or declined.

But the year 2022 is still long and we need YOUR input!

  • What other features would you like to see in Training Management?
  • How can we extend the features?

We are looking forward to your comments 🎉 .

Best regards,
Astrid and the Employee Training Team

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