📑 Bulk Document Creation: Unlocking document creation and signature requests at scale

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📑 Bulk Document Creation: Unlocking document creation and signature requests at scale

Hi Community,

Have you ever struggled with creating documents and requesting for signatures across a large group of recipients at scale? Well, we’ve got some exciting news for you! 👇🏻


We understand that documents are an integral part of any HR process -  especially for HR teams who are constantly creating & distributing documents, and requesting signatures. These processes are also essential to ensure organisation compliance.


🤓Which is why we’re now thrilled to announce the introduction of Bulk Document Creation - an easier way for you to create and distribute documents at scale with easy to use templates + the ability to request signatures across multiple recipients at once. 


✨ Here is a look at some of the exciting functionality coming your way as part of Bulk Document Creation ⬇️


❇️ You can now create multiple documents simultaneously with easy to use templates

❇️ You can leverage pre-fill placeholders with employee data or customize in-flow

❇️ You can notify recipients of created documents via Inbox notifications

❇️ You can request for multiple signatures all at once via automated email

❇️ Finally, you can monitor the success of your bulk document workflows within Personio to ensure success or to identify bottlenecks



💡 The following ideas in our Ideation area will be affected by our new feature: (The posts linked below are only visible if you’re logged in to the Community & have a customer account:)



We look forward to seeing how you leverage these new features to simplify your document creation processes - and look forward to hearing about your feedback as we work to introduce more streamlined document workflows over the coming months.


For more information regarding Bulk Document Creation, visit our Help Center page.



The Voyager community team.

AMAZING!!!! Very excited about this feature. 👏👏👏👏

When will this be live on the platform to use? Not finding anything regarding “Bulk Document Creation” on the help centre. 

Hi @Clarah,

cool, that you are excited about the new document feature. :)
I am not sure if I understood your question correctly. 
This is the Helpcenter Article that Eike mentionned above: Add documents to an employee profile

Please let us know in case something is missing in it. :) 


Hey Lena, 

My mistake! I misunderstood the feature, I thought it was bulk document upload for multiple employees. 😢  So you can upload multiple documents to multiple Employee profiles and request signatures in bulk. 

This is still a great feature but the above would be immensely helpful. 

Hi @Clarah,

I see. :) 
It is possible to upload one document template into several employee profiles with a few clicks, this will be shown in a demo on the 24th April in english: 

In our German Community this was already demonstrated in the past Product Update, the Webinar Language is only German.