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Dear Community,

In recruiting, it is important to have clear and transparent candidate communications. We enabled this via specific recruiting email addresses for subcompanies. Our next release goes one step further with the function to configure separate Personio career pages for subcompanies which you can brand individually according to your company’s corporate design.

If you have subcompanies enabled in your account and use the recruiting function, you can now navigate to settings > recruiting > career page and enable the new subcompany career pages via the drop-down menu.


These are the new functions:

  • Create a Personio career page for each subcompany.

  • Brand each Personio career page individually so that it matches the style of the subcompany.

  • Publish positions on the respective Personio career page of the subcompany as well as the parent company.

For more information on how to create separate Personio career pages for subcompanies, have a look at our Helpcenter. If you want to find out more about holistic subcompany branding in recruiting, take a look at our new Best Practice article. 

Your Community Team

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