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Multiposting on job boards for refugees

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Multiposting on job boards for refugees

Dear Community, 

To support refugees from Ukraine and you as HR professionals and recruiters, Personio has established a connection to two new job boards that are specialized in the promotion of positions that are open to refugees.

The two job boards have a mission to connect employers and refugees from Ukraine who are seeking employment. 

With the integration with Personio are you able to use the multiposting feature to promote jobs on these job boards and specifically target refugees from Ukraine.

Requirements for job postings for refugees: 

  • The position is ideally open specifically for refugees.
  • It should be legally possible for a refugee to work in this position.
  • The position's description needs to be written either in English, Ukrainian, or Russian.

For more information regarding employing Ukrainian refugees, have a look at the FAQ page of the Job Aid for Ukrainian Refugees website and the More Resources section below.

💡 Tip: Remote opportunities as well as positions that only require English skills are currently the most relevant for refugees who are seeking employment..

Learn how to share your job postings on these job boards here in our Help Center article: Multiposting on job boards for refugees.

We are looking forward to your experiences and hope that this new possibility will help you to cope with the new job market situation. 

Your Personio Community Team

This should really be to support all refugees.

Hello @SynalogikIS,

Due to the current events, Personio investigated how we can support refugees from Ukraine in a fast and efficient way. Therefore we identified an integration of two job boards that focus on refugees from Ukraine, which is a fast and efficient way to support. Some of our employees from different departments worked hard to carry this out in a speedy manner - but keep in mind that Personio is not responsible for the job board itself, its customer focus and market. We are just trying to help out where we can :)

If you have any ideas on how to support all refugees from across the world, feel free to share them with the Community.

All the best,