New improvements in the Performance Area

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Dear Community,

our Performance & Development Area receives further improvements!

With the Performance Cycle Builder, upward reviews can now be added to create a 360° Feedback. Reviews, after they have been sent, can now also be downloaded and exported.

We have also adjusted the viewing and editing rights.

  • Self reviews, peer reviews and upward reviews can no longer be edited after they have been sent.
  • Manager reviews can still be edited after they have been sent, as long as the review cycle is not closed.
  • After the review cycle is closed, no more reviews can be edited. Reviews that have not been sent can no longer be viewed or edited.

Lastly, we have adjusted copy and terms in the product to make Personio even more easy to understand.

You will get more information about our performance and development area in the next days and weeks. 

Have you already noticed and tried the new features and changes?
We are looking forward to your feedback!


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