New in Personio: New Access Rights for the Performance & Development Area

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Dear Community,

Have you ever thought that it would be handy to manage performance review cycles and trainings without having to take on the Administrator role? We thought the same, and this is why it is now possible to grant access rights to the Performance & Development area to employees who are not Administrators in Personio.

How do you do it? Simply go to the new Performance & Development section in our Access rights area.

To grant the following access rights, navigate to Settings > People > Employee Roles, click on the Access Rights tab and scroll down to Performance & Development:

  • Under Performance, you can define access to the Cycles section in the Performance & Development area, to allow employees to create and manage performance review cycles.
    Note: The Administrator role is still necessary to create feedback form templates.

  • Under Training, you can define access to the Training section in the Performance & Development area, allowing employees to create and manage training courses and sessions.

Sounds interesting? Find out more about our Access Rights area.

We hope you like this new feature as much as we do. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Cheers from Munich

Your Community Team

Hi Marc,


This looks like a great update. One of the reasons why we decided not to transition to the new Performance and Development module was because of the lack of customisation for the access rights.


I noticed in your preview above that roles with the Performance and Development access rights enabled will be able to edit ‘all’. Does this mean that anyone in that role will be able to create and view the performance review cycles and / or training outside of their own department and across the business? Will there be any consideration to provide the option to further limit the creation rights to just within the department or within Supervision?


Thank you!


Kind regards,