New in Personio: New and Improved Validations for DATEV Attributes

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Dear Community,

Last month, we released error messages for DATEV attribute validations in the employee profile. These validations ensure you can catch any format errors before approving the payroll and sending data to DATEV via the DATEV Lohnimportdatenservice. Now we are following up on this release with new and improved validations to ensure a smooth data flow from Personio to DATEV LODAS or Lohn und Gehalt.

These are the new and updated attribute validations:

  • New cross-field validations for attributes such as Original entry date, Entry date (current employment period) and Exit date (current employment period).¬†

  • New validations for the attributes IBAN (Maximum 42 characters, Starts with a valid country code according to ISO-3166-1), Tax identification number (Exactly 11 digits, plausibility check of entries) and Social security number (Exactly 12 digits, plausibility check of entries).

For more information and a detailed list which includes attributes and validation rules, visit our Help Center article Validations of Attribute Values for the Data Transfer with DATEV.

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