New in Personio: Sharing Individual Custom Reports

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New in Personio: Sharing Individual Custom Reports

Dear Community,

Have you ever handled custom reports in Personio, and wished that you could share a single report without giving access to the whole Custom reports section through access rights? We got you.

You can now share an individual custom report with only a few clicks and directly from the report itself, so that employees can only see that specific custom report.

The new functionality includes:

  • A new button (Reports > Custom Reports > [Any report] > Sharing options) within each custom report that allows you to open the sharing window.

  • A new Sharing options window that allows you to search for the employees you want to share the custom report with. It also allows you to remove their access at any time.

  • The header of each custom report will now change to reflect that the custom report is being shared. This information will also appear in the custom reports overview.

Only administrators can share custom reports via the Sharing options window and see the employees a report has been shared with. 

You will find more information on this new feature in our article How to Give your Employees Access to Custom Reports.

Greetings from Munich,

Your Personio Community Team

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