New: Performance Feedback features

Dear Community,

As part of the ongoing improvements to the Performance management experience, we have been working on facilitating how you can write Performance feedback, with new types of scales answers to include in your form Templates.

  • Binary questions: Limit the choice to 2 options from which the evaluator will be able to choose.

  • Traffic lights: Thanks to color coding, view at a glance how your employee performs.

  • Rating Scales: You can now set a scale with 3 to 5 options for more nuanced performance ratings.


All of these questions, along with the open text field for free answers, can be combined in one form template to be used for your performance feedback.

For more information on the type of answers, you can have a look at our Help Center article on Configuring the Types of Answers in the Performance Form Templates.

Your Personio Community Team

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