New Release: Personio Marketplace

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New Release: Personio Marketplace

Dear Community, 
Say hello to automated and even more efficient people processes with Personio! 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Personio Marketplace, your one-stop shop for all your HR-related software integrations. Within the marketplace, you can make Personio the center of all your people data by seamlessly connecting a variety of tools. 


Here it is!


To access it from your account, navigate to Settings > Marketplace

Please note that employees can access the Marketplace and enable integrations only if they are given the Edit right for Integration Marketplace under Settings > Employee roles > Account Configuration.

Please refer to our Help Center Article for more information.

Over to you:
What are your favorite integrations with Personio?
Let us know by replying below.

Best regards
Your Personio Community Team


I would love to see an integration between Personio and the people success platform Eletive

Hi @Mylindholm,
Welcome to the Community! Thanks a lot for your reply! 😊

If you would love to see an integration with Eletive, I suggest you submitting your suggestion as an Idea, so the whole Community can vote your idea and give it more visibility if they agree.

To submit a new Idea, just create a new topic and select “Idea” as a type


Make sure you mention Why you would like that integration and What need you are trying to solve, to make your argument more convincing.

I look forward to your idea!