Our Second Ideation Update

Our Second Ideation Update

Dear Community,

At Personio, one of our main Operating Principles is #SeekToImprove: we are constantly listening to feedback with the goal to improve ourselves, our company, and our product. Our Ideation Area allows you to connect with other users and share your feedback about our software with us, so you can help us develop a product that is even more tailored to your needs.

To keep you up to date on what ideas are even being planned or implemented, and what happens to the most popular ideas (with the most upvotes) - we regularly publish an "Ideation Update".  It's been six months since we published the first Ideation Update, so now it's time for the second one. 


What happened since the launch of the Ideation Area in April ‘21?

  • 💡 165 ideas posted by community members
  • 👍 320 upvotes given by community members
  • 🚧 5 new ideas planned to be released
  • 🚀 3 ideas released

Those numbers are impressive and we are very thankful for all of your input. 💙

Our Product Team has read every single idea and is constantly evaluating which one can be implemented. Our roadmap for the future is packed with new features and improvements. Each one of them undergoes a rigorous journey that last several months: the process roughly consists of discovery, research, planning, developing, and rigorous testing to make sure that everything works perfectly. 

That’s why we cannot release every single idea that you share, however we try to develop as many as possible and/or to give you an update about the most popular ones (based on your upvotes).


☑️We have updated as many ideas as we could. You can now see whether an idea is parked, planned*, released or still open for discussion. You can find a detailed list of the meaning of each status here

*In light of the Ideation Update we have added a new status (“Planned”) indicating that this idea is currently being researched and developed by our Product Team.


Which new ideas have been released and which ones are planned?


Released Ideas


These ideas were submitted by @Hien_Teuchert@Jordan_McCullough, and @petra. Congratulations!


New Planned Ideas


 These ideas were submitted by @Nick@Katriina@Krista@Sanja, and @Selina.



Top 6 Ideas (with the most upvotes)

We would like to pay special attention to the ideas that were most upvoted by the community. Here is a list, including the new status and the reason why we have set this status.
To view the chart, just click on “Show content” below.


Idea & Submitter Status Comment from our Product Team
Automatic Reminder for pending signatures


In the last half year, we established a new team specifically dedicated to our Document functionality.

They are currently doing the “background work” - things that are crucial, but do not result in new features yet. For example, they are very busy with planning and evaluating the functionalities and improvements that can be made in the future.

There are many things to consider, such as technical feasibility, work that involves matching system requirements, design, testing, etc.

At this point in time, we still can’t know which Document Management features will be exactly, so I am setting the status of this idea as “parked” to notify you that this feature is currently not on the roadmap.

360 degree feedback culture



Planned We will add peer reviews in Q1 to the Performance Cycle Builder. Upward feedback is planned as well. However, it's not planned yet to have peer review requests outside the Performance Cycle Builder.

Development of the Personio Dashboard


Planned I terms of global experiences, we are currently focused on rolling out a completely redesigned navigation experience for you (stay tuned for a release in early 2022). The dashboard remains a focus area and we will investigate which improvements we can make in the coming year.

Manager's delegation during an absence




Our Product Team let us know that they will start a Discovery process for this feature this year. Since it this process has not begun yet, there are currently no details regarding how the feature could look like or if/when it can be released. So we will park it for now, but will keep you posted in case we have any news!

Interface for document upload (e.g. payslips)




Our Product Team has taken a close look at this idea and they have informed us that it is currently not possible to release this feature.

Document generation for multiple employees simultaneously

Planned This feature has been taken into account by our Product Team, and they have started a Discovery process - meaning that they are exploring a few ways on how to implement this feature. However, we cannot say for sure how this will look like, and when it’s possible to implement. We will of course keep you posted.





Why were some ideas set on “parked”?

Due to the mass of ideas, our own plans, and the overall demand from customers, we cannot consider every single idea in our planning. This status simply means that this idea will not be developed for the time being. However, all ideas that have been given the status "parked" will continue to be considered by us and may be rolled out again if our planning allows it. Anyway, you can still give your input on all ideas and continue to upvote.


What’s next?


The users who had particularly popular ideas, or submitted ideas that were implemented by our Product Team have won some special badges(What are Badges?)

We will publish another Ideation Update this year in order to keep you posted about the development of your ideas. So keep on submitting your ideas, vote for the ones that interest you, and start a conversation with us and fellow community members. 

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Thank you for helping us make our product even better- keep it up! 😊💙

The Personio Community Team


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