Transforming HR Across Europe: Personio Celebrates 100 Integrations

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Transforming HR Across Europe: Personio Celebrates 100 Integrations

Dear Community,

this week we are celebrating the 100th integration on the Personio Marketplace! 

We’ve partnered with 100 of your favourite apps, including Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zapier, Culture Amp and WorkMotion. Together they build a powerful HR ecosystem that lets you design your HR processes while saving your teams a tremendous amount of time and manual effort.

The integrations available on the Personio Marketplace cover all relevant HR processes, including areas such as collaborationidentity and access managementtravel expenses, and time tracking.

How Do Personio’s Integrations Work?

Watch our quick explainer video below to find out about how our integrations help HR teams with their daily work:

The Personio integrations ecosystem allows different tools to automatically communicate with each other, enabling HR teams to tackle people processes across departments. The automated data transfer between systems also ensures that all employee data is always up-to-date whilst reducing manual sources of error.

And that’s only the beginning! The Personio Marketplace is constantly expanding with new software integrations and automated workflows. 

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Your Personio Community Team

Number of extensions says nearly nothing, it's important how much value each single extension adds and at the moment many personio extensions only offer a very basic feature set