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Crosscards success story - More time for more strategy, and less stress

  • 29 March 2021
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Crosscards success story - More time for more strategy, and less stress
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Dear Community, 

have you seen our customer success story with Crosscard? 

Crosscard offers an easy, secure, and cost-effective way for companies to manage their finances. By utilizing both virtual and physical card accounts, this Luxembourg-based company offers customers the ability to manage budgets efficiently and control expenses in one place.

Crosscard’s parent company was using a different HR software, but it led to a variety of complications. This mainly included issues with GDPR compliance, managing different absence types, vacation accruals and a lack of correctly displaying Crosscard’s structure and the company’s needs.

After Crosscard became its own independent company, in 2019, everything had to start over from scratch. This meant that their Head of HR, Lisa Wagner, was now in charge of every HR process. She needed a solution that could help her handle everything from recruitment to administration.

And this is where Personio stepped in. Read the full article here

Do you also want to share your success with Personio? Write us at and we’ll spread the word about you and your company! 

Your Personio Community Team



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