Compensation Product Update – May 15th, 2024

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Hi everyone,

Today, we are very pleased to announce the release of a new feature: "Customize approval chain"


With this new feature you can exclude supervisors who should NOT be included in the review cycle and submit salary proposals for their reports.


As a result:

  • Any direct report of excluded supervisors will be assigned to that supervisor’s supervisor.
  • If no supervisors are selected to be included in the comp review, then the comp admins and cycle managers will make the salary proposals.



In the cycle set up easily exclude supervisors from the review cycle using the toggles


Upcoming Releases 🔮

Here’s what you can expect to go live in the coming weeks.

  • Generate reward letters to inform employees of their new compensation
  • Showcase salary bands in review cycles


Keep an eye out for our next product update!




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