How to: Get a new rank

  • 31 March 2021
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How to: Get a new rank
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What actually is a rank?


It’s a system that rates all the members based on how active they are in the community. 🎢
When you first join community, you start as a Newbie 🌱.This is the first out of our many different ranks. 


How do I get a higher rank?

By becoming more and more active in the community! You will earn a higher rank once you reply to topics, post something new, or when one of your comments was marked as a correct answer - those are just three of the several possible criteria. 


☝🏻 TIP: 
You can reach the second rank (Visitor) pretty easily by posting your first comment.
If you don’t have anything to add yet, you can go introduce yourself here here 😊


🤔 Which ranks should you keep in mind? 

  • Community Admin & Community Moderator
    These users are Personios (Personio staff members) who can answer your questions. 
  • CAB member
    This one is only given to our 14 current CAB members (Customer Advisory Board). They are Personio users who work very closely with our own Product Experts in order to make our software even better and adapt it to the daily HR needs. 

Let’s see which ranks you will discover in the community. Have fun climbing the ladder! 🚀

Your Personio Community Team 

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