New in Personio: Personio Conversations 🚀

Dear Community,The way that you manage employee requests is about to be revolutionized – Personio Conversations is here 🥳!We know that it can be difficult for your busy internal service teams to keep on top of employee requests. It can also be frustrating for employees when they cannot access the support they need, when they need it. The solution? 👉🏼 An effective workplace ticketing system! Conversations is a one-stop shop that provides your internal service teams with a centralized place to manage requests and deliver a positive employee experience.With Conversations, you can do the following:➡️ Manage employee requests in one central place, ensuring a quick and efficient resolution process.➡️ Allow employees to submit requests using the communication channels that they are most familiar with (Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email), helping to improve employee satisfaction.➡️ Access a range of communication features, including forms, internal notes, approvals, and saved replies, allowing you to save time in replying to requests.➡️ Utilize projects and outreach functionalities, enabling you to collaborate effectively with internal and external stakeholders.Please refer to our Help Center article for more information.Best regards,Your Personio Community TeamConversations is available as an additional package for customers on all Personio plans. To learn more, speak to your Growth Manager.

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New in Personio: Automatic deficit hours

Dear Community:To date, Personio allowed to record deficit hours automatically for days with time tracked. An example of this would be a day in which an employee tracks 4 hours instead of the 8 hours they are supposed to work according to their work schedule. However, it was not possible yet to record deficit hours automatically for days with no time tracked at all.But that changes now!We have upgraded our deficit hours tracking functionality so that you can automatically record deficit hours not only for days with time tracked, but also for days with no time tracked. The improved functionality consists of: The Track automatic deficit hours for days with no time tracked option available through Settings > Attendance > Working Hours > Overtime & Deficit Hours. The Update work schedule window available through Attendance > [Any work schedule] > Save Work Schedule). This new window allows you to activate the Track automatic deficit hours for days with no time tracked option on a duplicate work schedule to avoid modifying past data. When active, a deficit hour entry will be automatically generated for every workday in which the employee is supposed to track time but does not. The message No time tracked will appear in every workday in the employee's attendance calendar.  The overtime hours will be automatically recalculated based on the registered deficit hours. You will find more information in the article Set Up Overtime.Your Community team.

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New in Personio: the Find Answers section 🔎🌟

Dear Community ☀️: We would like to introduce you to our newest feature in Personio: the Find Answers section! This new feature will help you find the most relevant answers to questions regarding all Personio topics, so you receive the best possible support experience.The advantages for you:The Most Timely Experience 🕐: No waiting on the line or for an email. Always available, for every Personio use The Most Complete Experience 🥳: 500+ Help Center Articles, 4300+ Community Posts, 30+ Videos und 70 in-app tours The Most Secure Experience 🚨: Login-based for the highest level of data security. Role-based with Account Owners/Contract Owners able to contact Customer Support/Customer Growth. Available in different languages🇪🇺: all tools are available in English, Spanish, Dutch, German, French and Italian.This is how Find Answers looks like in your account:To get support via the Find Answers section, go to Help > Support and Updates > Find Answers. An expandable widget will open in which you can choose from a range of options, such as:I need help with the product I need help with my subscription I need help with the implementation (if applicable) I need help with data/security I need help with my contractAfter you choose an option, you will be shown further suggestions that you can click through until you find exactly what you’re looking for.If you can’t find the answer to your question, Account Owners and Contract Owners can click on Get support from the team. You will then be forwarded to a contact form that will be received by the most relevant team to help you with your query.☝🏻 Note that the service phone numbers and the email address will be removed in the future. Only Account Owners and Contract Owners will be able to contact our Customer Support and Customer Growth teams via a form in the Find Answers section.In the following Help Center articles, you can find further details about this release: The Find Answers Section FAQ about the Find Answers Section What are Account Owners and Contract Owners in Personio? Our hope is that our new offering will save you time, increase the quality of your experience, ensure your data is secure and help you get the maximum value out of Personio 🌟.At the same time, this new contact flow allows us to offer you more exchange and better content within the community ⚡️! We encourage you to ask any question or start any discussion that helps you out in your role within HR. The community is always there for you 🎉.Ultimately, the new experience will support us in fulfilling our promise to you:To give HR teams time to focus on what really matters: People 🤝!We wish you lots of fun with the new contact flow.Cheers from Munich, Your Community Team 😊

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New in Personio: Recruiting - Smart Interview Scheduling

Dear Community,If you have integrated your company calendar with Personio, we have great news for you. When scheduling interviews, we understand that it can be tough to find a date and time that works for everyone. We worked on creating a feature that would simplify this process and make scheduling interviews faster and more efficient. As a result, we are very excited to bring you Smart Interview Scheduling.How does it work?You will first need to configure your calendar availability for interviews in your Personal Settings. Once this is done, and you schedule a new interview, you can select the option Setup scheduler link to set a range of dates within which the candidate can choose from. You can then email the candidate and insert the scheduler link. Once the candidate chooses a slot, a confirmation email is sent to all participants and the interview is scheduled in Personio.What are the benefits? By configuring your availability in your Personal Settings, you can make sure candidates can only select from your available dates and times. You will save time when scheduling interviews and avoid having to go back and forth between the different participants’ availability. We all know how difficult it can be to interview for a new job while you are working all day at an office. This feature allows candidates more flexibility with choosing their own interview slot. For more information on this new feature, take a look at our Help Center article Smart Interview Scheduling.Your Community Team

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New in Personio: Account Owner and Contract Owners

Dear community,To provide you with the best support experience and the highest level of data protection in your Personio account, we have moved from our previous setup of employees authorized for support and instructions to Account Owners and Contract Owners.What has changed?We have transitioned your employees authorized for GDPR-related instructions into Account Owners. As of today, only Account Owners and Contract Owners can contact Personio. Everyone else can still access our self-service materials, such as our Help Center, webinars, videos, and interactive tours, and receive peer-to-peer support via the Personio Community.What are Account Owners and Contract Owners?Account Owners can contact our Customer Support team for account-related requests while Contract Owners are in contact with our Growth team for all subscription-related matters. Both roles are also authorized to issue instructions in accordance with the EU GDPR.To learn more about the responsibilities of Account Owners and Contract Owners and how to assign them, read our Help Center article.This changes for the Personio CommunityPlease remember, as always, not to share private or business data publicly in the community. In cases where we need more confidential data to solve your question or need to look into your Personio account, we ask you to contact the Account Owner or Contract Owner of your Personio account. This person will then have to contact our Support-Team, as we are not allowed to access the respective Personio accounts. A moderator will never ask you to post your private information publicly.Best regardsMarc

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Multiposting on job boards for refugees

Dear Community, To support refugees from Ukraine and you as HR professionals and recruiters, Personio has established a connection to two new job boards that are specialized in the promotion of positions that are open to refugees.The two job boards have a mission to connect employers and refugees from Ukraine who are seeking employment. Job Aid for Ukrainian Refugees UAtalentsWith the integration with Personio are you able to use the multiposting feature to promote jobs on these job boards and specifically target refugees from Ukraine.Requirements for job postings for refugees: The position is ideally open specifically for refugees. It should be legally possible for a refugee to work in this position. The position's description needs to be written either in English, Ukrainian, or Russian.For more information regarding employing Ukrainian refugees, have a look at the FAQ page of the Job Aid for Ukrainian Refugees website and the More Resources section below.💡 Tip: Remote opportunities as well as positions that only require English skills are currently the most relevant for refugees who are seeking employment..Learn how to share your job postings on these job boards here in our Help Center article: Multiposting on job boards for refugees.We are looking forward to your experiences and hope that this new possibility will help you to cope with the new job market situation. Best,Your Personio Community Team

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New in Personio: The Performance & Development Area

Dear Community,Did you know that Personio now offers comprehensive performance management and training management functionalities in one dedicated Performance & Development area?You can now: Set up automated performance cycles and monitor progress in the Performance & Development area. Create and trigger automated performance review cycles across your company or within specific teams using the Performance Review Cycle Builder. You can more efficiently carry out performance review cycle management tasks, including: Tracking the status of all the performance review cycles created Adding and removing employees from an ongoing review cycle Updating a review cycle participant’s supervisor Closing a review cycle Deleting draft and launched review cycles You can also deliver an improved employee experience with 360° feedback that is consolidated in the Performance & Development area, enabling employees and supervisors to create and send feedback and reviews, and easily keep track of due dates.Finally, you can easily complete training administration management tasks, including adding, editing, tracking, and deleting training courses and training sessions, using the training management functionalities under the Training tab in the Performance & Development area.For more information, see The Performance & Development Area in Personio.Greetings from Munich,Your Personio Community-Team

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