"Small-Tasks-Fatigue" Together: Embrace the Power of AI! 🚀

​👋🏻 Hey there, community! 🎙️ Let's talk about those days when we're swamped with a never-ending to-do list, and despite all the hustle, we somehow feel like we're not getting anywhere. The struggle is real, right? It's what I call the "small-tasks-fatigue" epidemic, and it's hitting us hard in the corporate world.We find ourselves buried under a pile of small tasks and requests from others, leaving little room for the impactful initiatives that truly matter. It's frustrating, especially in this day and age where we have some fantastic technological tools at our disposal, like the AI-powered Personio conversation tool.  What does this new tool mean to you?24/7 Availability: service round the clock enabling assistance outside business hours Faster responses: real-time responses, ensuring that queries are addressed promptly. Accuracy: reduce errors with accurate and up-to-date information from your database. Personalisation: ensure personalised and tailored responses to specific needs and preferences. This tool is designed to save you time from dwelling on mundane tasks and allows you to focus on your impactful projects. 🤖 AI can be a game-changer, freeing up our precious time from those important yet time-consuming tasks. And let's face it, time is the most valuable resource we have. ✨ Just imagine having instant answers for minor requests without the need to search or ask people back and forth. It's like having a personal weatherman in your pocket. You wouldn't wait for the weather forecast; you'd just ask Siri or Google and get the info instantly. Or maybe you'd just call your all-knowing mom!The same convenience can apply to your work life too. As an HR professional, you've got an essential job that revolves around what truly matters – people! And that's where Personio comes in, aligning with your mission to focus on what matters – people!With AI-powered Answers at Personio conversation, you can regain your focus and time to nurture an inclusive and productive culture for your organisation. It's a win-win situation for you and your team! What kind of requests or DMs you're receiving on a daily basis.Let's share our experiences and find ways to tackle these challenges together! Remember, we're all in this together, and with the right tools, we can make a real difference in our work lives. So, drop a comment and let's start the conversation! 🚀 Learn more about AI powered conversations by Personio, here: ⬇️ 24/7 automated assistance​

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🗣️ Personio's Whistleblowing Tool: Empowering Voices, Transforming HR Dynamics!

Dear Community, exciting news for you!👇🏻Prepare to be introduced to Personio’s latest product feature-a Whistleblowing tool!Brace yourself as we unravel the story of a changing world where processes in the HR community strive to set people for unparalleled success. 🤓 Imagine a world where employees are empowered to speak up, where their voices are heard without the fear of hesitation. This kind of world is starting to become a reality, and the starting date is the 2nd of July, 2023. This new law is taking effect, compelling small businesses to embrace the power of the Whistleblowing process. This process will serve as a beacon of hope, encouraging employees to anonymously report any wrongdoing and ineffective behaviour lurking within their workplace’s shadows.  ✨ Are you still wondering what the Whistleblowing feature is going to look like? Here are some of the functionalities of this Whistleblowing tool. ⬇️❇️ Anonymous reporting: A safe haven for employees and employers to share their concerns without revealing their identities, empowering them to speak up without the fear of retribution. ❇️ Effortless investigation: This tool equips organisations with means to delve into reported issues swiftly and effectively, leaving  no stone unturned in the pursuit of truth and justice. ❇️ Transparency: By implementing the Whistleblowing feature, your organisation signals a commitment to openness and transparency, while fostering an environment of trust and accountability for all.  ❓As Whistleblowing is a mandatory process for companies now, how do you think it can affect day to day HR processes? More regarding Whistleblowing you can find here.Best Regards, Linda

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NEW: Personio Payroll - The world's first real-time Payroll

Watch out Community,We have exciting news for you: The start of Personio Payroll! Personio Payroll is the world’s first real-time payroll made for real-life. It brings together an all-in-one HR software and native payroll in a single place. Support your employees' peace of mind, with built-in compliance and real-time data synchronization that ensures payroll data is correct the first time. Free yourself from tight deadlines and complexities – run payroll in minutes, not days.  All the benefits of Personio Payroll at a glance: ✅ All data accurate right awayWith built-in compliance and automatic data validation, you can ensure that all payroll data is correct.🔗 Put an end to spread data Automatically synchronize HR and payroll data with payroll and be ready for payroll at a moment's notice👁️ Change data without worryPreview payroll data at any time and see how data changes affect pay stubs in real time.🔄 Payroll in minutes instead of days.Start payroll with a click, and the rest is automatic: payslips and relevant documents are created without yourinteraction, and even legal communication with authorities runs by itself. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Whether you're already a Personio customer or not, you should definitely sign up for Personio Payroll Early Access. Be among the first users to get exclusive access to this new feature.What to wait for? - Sign up now! You can also find more information about Personio Payroll here on our website (German only). Are you currently using DATEV and wondering what exactly this means for you? Don't worry, we have clarified all important questions for you in this article: We are looking forward to automate HR processes together with you! Cheers,Your Personio Community Team 

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How does Personio Payroll influence the integration and partnership with DATEV?

Dear Community,As you already read in our article about Personio Payroll, we are very happy to finally share this feature and give some of you early access to it. Personio Payroll is the first real-time payroll system that is deeply integrated with Personio's system and holistically maps Payroll and HR processes: Payroll and HR from a single source.The new feature is now available in Germany via an early access program. You can read further information about Personio Payroll here on our Website (German only) or in the following community article:  Some of you may ask: What does this mean for the partnership between Personio and DATEV? We have put together the most important questions and answered them. Just click on "Show content" to read the detailed answers.Will the partnership with DATEV continue? Yes, we want to offer all our customers the right setup for payroll accounting. To guarantee this, and to ensure that we can respond to the needs of a wide range of companies, DATEV is—and will remain—a very important partner for us. We continue to work in close cooperation to further expand the integration between DATEV and Personio. Just recently, we launched a fully automated eAU solution with our partner DATEV that helps small and medium-sized businesses make their absence processes hassle-free. Does anything change for me and my company as a user of the DATEV integration? No, on the contrary. The DATEV interface, including the widely used systems DATEV LODAS and Lohn & Gehalt, will continue to be expanded and benefit from the developments within Personio Payroll, for example, a simplified preparation of payroll accounting. Is Personio really no longer a "preferred partner" of DATEV? What does this mean for me as a customer? We remain a DATEV interface partner and the cooperation with DATEV will continue to be a central part of our strategy in the area of payroll accounting. More than 3,500 customers use our DATEV integration and we will continue to invest in this partnership, as our new function for automatic eAU retrieval via the DATEV integration also shows. DATEV also continues to invest in our common interface and its further development.Do you have more questions? Let us know in the comments!  We look forward to working with you to reach the next level of automation with both DATEV and Personio Payroll!Cheers,Your Personio Community Team

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🇩🇪 Relevant for Companies with German Offices: The automatic query of eAUs via DATEV integration

Dear Community,Are you working in a company with a German base? - Your German employees are not required to submit sickness certificates themselves. Instead, you as employers are responsible for requesting them from the insurer. This is possible via the payroll software. (Last Update with more details)As of yesterday, electronic sick certificates (eAU) can be automatically retrieved and saved for the respective absence period via the Datev Integration. Approvers and employees receive notifications in Personio when the eAU status changes. Payroll Partners can retrieve eAUs via the DATEV interface without having to request them.What you need to do to retrieve the eAU via the Datev integration: You need an active integration to Datev LODAS or Datev LOHN & GEHALT. Here you will find the information on how to activate the eAU service. The new attribute Type of health insurance has to be maintained. In this helpcenter article, you will find a detailed description of how the eAU service. To get a rough overview of how it looks, please click here:Personio automatically determines if the period is eAU-eligible, and requests an eAU In the next step, either an eAu comes back or none can be found.Once an eAU is returned, Personio checks if the dates match the absence period. If so, the status is marked as confirmed and the employee and approver get notified. Notifications are sent the following way: If the absence has already been approved a notification about eAU update is only sent to last approver in approval flow. If the absence has not been approved, everyone in the approval chain will receive a notification. If no eAU is found or an error occurs, Personio notifies the employee and approver.   You don't have a Datev integration yet, but you are interested? - Please contact your Growth Manager via Find Answers for a demo.Best regardsLena

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🇩🇪 What you need to know about managing the new mandatory German eAU system in Personio from 2023

Dear Community,If you are working in a German-based company, starting from next year, your employees will no longer be required to submit sickness certificates themselves. Instead, employers will be responsible for requesting them from the insurer, either through their payroll tool or through the ITSG sv.net website.In this update, we will give you some initial information on the electronic certificate of incapacity (eAU) in the context of Personio. More & detailed instructions will be shared in the Help Center in the future, as soon as the new feature is released. What is eAU and why does it matter?eAU stands for electronic certificate of incapacity for work (Elektronische Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung). Until this point, Doctors have been giving sick employees some paper confirmations (Gelber Schein / Yellow slip), which employees are required to send to their employers.From Jan 1, 2023, for publicly insured employees, Doctors will be obliged to transmit sickness notifications digitally to the health insurances, and employers or their tax advisors will have to retrieve the eAUs directly from the health insurers. Employees will no longer be obliged to provide a yellow slip to their employer. How to talk to your employees about eAUIt’s important that your employees understand what to expect on January 1st regarding their sick certificates. Here are the key points they should understand: If they have public insurance, when they track a sick period in Personio, they no longer need to upload a certificate. Their doctor will have sent an electronic sick certificate to their insurer. However, for the first 3 months, we recommend that you tell your employees to still upload a physical certificate if they get one. The transition to eAU will likely not be completely smooth, and it is safer to have employees still upload physical certificates as a backup. If they have private insurance, nothing about the process will change for them. They will still get a physical note from their Doctor and should upload it to Personio. Child sick notes will still be done the same way, and they should not expect eAUs for those.​​​​​​ Many employee contracts include the obligation of employees to submit proof for their sickness. If you plan on changing this contract, do let employees know.For “mini-jobbers”: Ensure that any secondary insurer for your mini-jobbers is noted in any external payroll tool. Read more about managing eAUs and minijobbers here. How to access your employee’s eAUs Depending on which accounting system you use and whether you use the DATEV integration, for example, there will be different ways to access the sickness notifications in the future.Click on “Show Content” to read the step-by-step guide.1. Accessing eAUs yourself through sv.net or external payroll tool. An employee creates a request for a sick leave. If the employee is located in Germany and has public insurance, their Doctor has issued them an eAU that you need to retrieve.   Log in to sv.net or your payroll tool (DATEV, Sage, etc.) and create a request for an eAU for this employee. If your payroll tool is not able to request eAUs, you must use sv.net. Here is the tutorial for requesting eAUs in DATEV.   Alternatively, you can retrieve eAUs on a weekly or monthly basis, instead of adhoc: Create a custom report in Personio with sick periods days with certificate insurance type, and office. Export the custom report, and filter just for employees that have public insurance and are located in German offices. These are the ones for which you must request an eAU. Log in to sv.net or your payroll tool and create a request for the eAU for these employees.   After some time (anywhere between a few minutes and 2 weeks), you will receive an email from sv.net or your payroll tool once the eAU has been returned. If the eAU does not cover all the dates of the employee’s absence, you can request an additional eAU.   Download the eAU, upload it to the relevant absence period in Personio, and mark the document status as approved.   In order to check which periods are still missing an eAU, you can always create a custom report with 1) sick periods 2) days with certificate 3) insurance type and 4) office, to see which employees are eAU-qualified but don’t yet have a certificate.  2. Enabling your tax advisor to access eAUsThis applies to you if your tax advisor will be retrieving eAUs on your behalf. On a weekly or monthly basis, send your tax advisor a custom report with the following fields:    sick periods days with certificate insurance type, and office.   The tax advisor will request eAUs for the employees that have sick periods in that timeframe, and have public insurance and are based in Germany. They can do this either through the payroll tool or sv.net.   The eAUs will be returned in the payroll tool. Your tax advisor can then forward you the eAU to upload it to Personio, or directly upload it to the absence period if they have access to Personio.   In order to check to see for which periods you are still missing an eAU, you can always create a custom report with 1) sick periods 2) days with certificate 3) insurance type and 4) office, to see which employees are eAU-qualified but don’t yet have a certificate.   Coming soon: Automated eAU retrieval with the DATEV IntegrationOur Product Team is building a new feature that will automatically retrieve and store eAUs for you, with no manual work required. As of now this will not be ready on January 1st, but at some point in Q1 2023.The Automated eAU retrieval feature will be available for customers with DATEV Integration add-on. Check if you have this in your Salary & Payroll settings. If you have a tab for DATEV, you have the Integration. If you would like to purchase the DATEV Integration add-on to access this feature, talk to your Growth Manager. Click on “Show Content” to read the step-by-step guide.If your company has the DATEV Integration add-on, managing eAUs will be automated and seamless. When an employee tracks a sick period, Personio will automatically determine if they are eau-eligible, and if so, request an eAU from the insurance companies.   When an eAU comes back from the insurer, Personio will add it to the relevant absence period, and notify both the employee and the approver.   If there is no eAU, Personio will notify the employee and approver. At any point you can check on an absence period to see the status of the eAU.   Your tax advisor will also be able to directly view eAUs in the DATEV Interface, without having to make any requests.   If they are not eAU-eligible (they have private insurance, or are located outside of Germany), they will be asked to upload a physical certificate as normal. FYI: What you can see is a Prototype. The final design is subject to change. The absence settings of "Sickness" usually do not have to be adjusted in Personio due to this change.Here, everything remains the same. :)  We hope this information is of help. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments! :)Best Regards, Daniele

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New in Personio: Personio Conversations 🚀

Dear Community,The way that you manage employee requests is about to be revolutionized – Personio Conversations is here 🥳!We know that it can be difficult for your busy internal service teams to keep on top of employee requests. It can also be frustrating for employees when they cannot access the support they need, when they need it. The solution? 👉🏼 An effective workplace ticketing system! Conversations is a one-stop shop that provides your internal service teams with a centralized place to manage requests and deliver a positive employee experience.With Conversations, you can do the following:➡️ Manage employee requests in one central place, ensuring a quick and efficient resolution process.➡️ Allow employees to submit requests using the communication channels that they are most familiar with (Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email), helping to improve employee satisfaction.➡️ Access a range of communication features, including forms, internal notes, approvals, and saved replies, allowing you to save time in replying to requests.➡️ Utilize projects and outreach functionalities, enabling you to collaborate effectively with internal and external stakeholders.Please refer to our Help Center article for more information.Best regards,Your Personio Community TeamConversations is available as an additional package for customers on all Personio plans. To learn more, speak to your Growth Manager.

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New in Personio: Automatic deficit hours

Dear Community:To date, Personio allowed to record deficit hours automatically for days with time tracked. An example of this would be a day in which an employee tracks 4 hours instead of the 8 hours they are supposed to work according to their work schedule. However, it was not possible yet to record deficit hours automatically for days with no time tracked at all.But that changes now!We have upgraded our deficit hours tracking functionality so that you can automatically record deficit hours not only for days with time tracked, but also for days with no time tracked. The improved functionality consists of: The Track automatic deficit hours for days with no time tracked option available through Settings > Attendance > Working Hours > Overtime & Deficit Hours. The Update work schedule window available through Attendance > [Any work schedule] > Save Work Schedule). This new window allows you to activate the Track automatic deficit hours for days with no time tracked option on a duplicate work schedule to avoid modifying past data. When active, a deficit hour entry will be automatically generated for every workday in which the employee is supposed to track time but does not. The message No time tracked will appear in every workday in the employee's attendance calendar.  The overtime hours will be automatically recalculated based on the registered deficit hours. You will find more information in the article Set Up Overtime.Your Community team.

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New in Personio: the Find Answers section 🔎🌟

Dear Community ☀️: We would like to introduce you to our newest feature in Personio: the Find Answers section! This new feature will help you find the most relevant answers to questions regarding all Personio topics, so you receive the best possible support experience.The advantages for you:The Most Timely Experience 🕐: No waiting on the line or for an email. Always available, for every Personio use The Most Complete Experience 🥳: 500+ Help Center Articles, 4300+ Community Posts, 30+ Videos und 70 in-app tours The Most Secure Experience 🚨: Login-based for the highest level of data security. Role-based with Account Owners/Contract Owners able to contact Customer Support/Customer Growth. Available in different languages🇪🇺: all tools are available in English, Spanish, Dutch, German, French and Italian.This is how Find Answers looks like in your account:To get support via the Find Answers section, go to Help > Support and Updates > Find Answers. An expandable widget will open in which you can choose from a range of options, such as:I need help with the product I need help with my subscription I need help with the implementation (if applicable) I need help with data/security I need help with my contractAfter you choose an option, you will be shown further suggestions that you can click through until you find exactly what you’re looking for.If you can’t find the answer to your question, Account Owners and Contract Owners can click on Get support from the team. You will then be forwarded to a contact form that will be received by the most relevant team to help you with your query.☝🏻 Note that the service phone numbers and the email address support@personio.de will be removed in the future. Only Account Owners and Contract Owners will be able to contact our Customer Support and Customer Growth teams via a form in the Find Answers section.In the following Help Center articles, you can find further details about this release: The Find Answers Section FAQ about the Find Answers Section What are Account Owners and Contract Owners in Personio? Our hope is that our new offering will save you time, increase the quality of your experience, ensure your data is secure and help you get the maximum value out of Personio 🌟.At the same time, this new contact flow allows us to offer you more exchange and better content within the community ⚡️! We encourage you to ask any question or start any discussion that helps you out in your role within HR. The community is always there for you 🎉.Ultimately, the new experience will support us in fulfilling our promise to you:To give HR teams time to focus on what really matters: People 🤝!We wish you lots of fun with the new contact flow.Cheers from Munich, Your Community Team 😊

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