Candidate Profile: Improvements to the Message Tab & Interview Tab

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Dear Community,

If you use the Recruiting tool in Personio, you may have noticed some slight changes this week. That's because the Interview Tab and the Message Tab got a fresh new design!

Here's what’s changed:


Message Tab Redesign


We have made the following User Interface improvements:

  • Better difference between comments and messages.

  • Direct error message in case an email cannot be delivered.

  • Clearer indication that a scheduled message will be sent later.

Furthermore, there are some new functionalities:

  • Possibility to delete an inbound message.

  • Virus check for all outgoing messages.

Interview Tab Redesign


Our Personio interview scheduling functionality allows you to check the interviewers’ availability through a calendar integration, and schedule candidate interviews directly within Personio.

As this feature has been around for some time already, our Product Team has decided to improve the user interface and make it more intuitive. To save you clicks and create a clearer picture of the candidate’s interview status, more details and the evaluations of each interview are now displayed directly in the overview. We also created an option to see a daily view in the calendar of the Find a slot in the calendar functionality to improve the view of busy calendars.

New functionalities are also planned here for the coming months: by popular request, we will give you the possibility to schedule video calls via Zoom or MS Teams directly within the Interview tab! Afterwards, we will develop a new workflow to directly send interview invites to candidates.

Redesigning the Interview tab has only been the first step in our vision to improve your daily recruiting processes. Stay tuned for more updates!

Your Personio Team


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