Live Editing for Job Postings

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Dear Community,

It is very important for us to give you as much independence and flexibility as possible. That is why we are happy to finally give you the opportunity to edit the job description of external job postings directly in your Personio account without having to request external help! 

Just go to the position details of the respective job, edit the job description in all languages, and confirm that you want these changes to be published. This will make your changes live on the Personio career page. To also publish these changes on your external job boards, you just have to go to the Promotion tab, check if your selected external job boards can be edited, and submit the change request.

This new feature is not only a real time saver, but makes your job posting process even more transparent and flexible.

You can find more information about how to edit Personio job postings on external job boards in our Help Center.


Your Community Team


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