New in Personio: Account Owner and Contract Owners

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Dear community,

To provide you with the best support experience and the highest level of data protection in your Personio account, we have moved from our previous setup of employees authorized for support and instructions to Account Owners and Contract Owners.

What has changed?

We have transitioned your employees authorized for GDPR-related instructions into Account Owners. As of today, only Account Owners and Contract Owners can contact Personio. Everyone else can still access our self-service materials, such as our Help Center, webinars, videos, and interactive tours, and receive peer-to-peer support via the Personio Community.

What are Account Owners and Contract Owners?

Account Owners can contact our Customer Support team for account-related requests while Contract Owners are in contact with our Growth team for all subscription-related matters. Both roles are also authorized to issue instructions in accordance with the EU GDPR.

To learn more about the responsibilities of Account Owners and Contract Owners and how to assign them, read our Help Center article.

This changes for the Personio Community

Please remember, as always, not to share private or business data publicly in the community. In cases where we need more confidential data to solve your question or need to look into your Personio account, we ask you to contact the Account Owner or Contract Owner of your Personio account. This person will then have to contact our Support-Team, as we are not allowed to access the respective Personio accounts. A moderator will never ask you to post your private information publicly.

Best regards

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