New in Personio: Convert overtime to hourly absence

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Dear Community,

In the German Personio Community, we got asked to add the possibility to convert overtime into additional PTO (paid time off) hours.

You told us that it would be very useful to cover specific cases, such as when an employee purposely works overtime on a day so that the day after they can book a one-hour absence to go to a doctor’s appointment.

Well, we have listened! Now you can convert overtime into absence entitlement for absences tracked in hours!

In the employee’s Attendance tab, go to Overtime & Deficit Hours > More details > Convert overtime to comp time to select the amount of overtime, by which factor, and which absence type it should be converted into.

Employees will then be able to see the adjusted absence entitlement under the relevant absence tracked in hours in Employee profile > Absence. They will also be able to request that absence as usual.

You will find more information in the article Manage Absences Tracked in Hours

Your Community team.

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