New in Personio: Peer Review

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Dear Community,

It is now possible to add a peer review to a performance cycle using the Performance Cycle Builder, which together with the manager review and the self review, provides for a more comprehensive performance review cycle.

Personio administrators and supervisors can now nominate employees to participate in a peer review after the launch of a performance cycle. Peers who have been nominated to provide peer reviews receive an email notification, and write and publish their reviews under the new Evaluations tab.

For more information, see Add a Peer Review to a Performance Cycle.

The following new functions are also now available for managing performance cycles:

  • Add and remove participants from launched Performance cycles, helping to ensure smoother performance cycle management.

  • Newly added cycle participants receive an email notification when they are added to a cycle and review forms are automatically assigned to them.

  • Supervisor changes for participants in an ongoing cycle are reflected in that cycle, ensuring a smooth transition.

To learn more, see How to Manage a Performance Cycle

Greetings from Munich,

Your Personio Community-Team

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