New in Personio: The Performance & Development Area

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New in Personio: The Performance & Development Area

Dear Community,

Did you know that Personio now offers comprehensive performance management and training management functionalities in one dedicated Performance & Development area?

You can now:

  • Set up automated performance cycles and monitor progress in the Performance & Development area.

  • Create and trigger automated performance review cycles across your company or within specific teams using the Performance Review Cycle Builder.

You can more efficiently carry out performance review cycle management tasks, including:

  • Tracking the status of all the performance review cycles created

  • Adding and removing employees from an ongoing review cycle

  • Updating a review cycle participant’s supervisor

  • Closing a review cycle

  • Deleting draft and launched review cycles

You can also deliver an improved employee experience with 360° feedback that is consolidated in the Performance & Development area, enabling employees and supervisors to create and send feedback and reviews, and easily keep track of due dates.

Finally, you can easily complete training administration management tasks, including adding, editing, tracking, and deleting training courses and training sessions, using the training management functionalities under the Training tab in the Performance & Development area.

For more information, see The Performance & Development Area in Personio.

Greetings from Munich,

Your Personio Community-Team

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