Employee Updating Past Approved Absences without Notification which past absence has been updated

  • 6 June 2023
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Hi everyone,

we have come across an issue regarding an employee who updated her previously approved paid holiday in the past. Surprisingly, we received a notification in the approval chain when she changed it to a future date. However, there was no notification or information indicating that she had modified an absence from the past. This discovery raises concerns, as it means that any employee could potentially alter their past paid holidays without our knowledge.

To provide an example, our employee had an approved paid holiday scheduled for May 26th-27th, but she subsequently changed it to July 26th-27th. Unfortunately, we can only see that she requested a new absence in the approval chain, without any indication that she actually updated a previous event.

Is anyone else experiencing this, and is this a concern to you that an employee could alter their holidays by just updating their past absence?

2 replies

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Hi @TanjaT,

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I am happy to support you with your inquiry.

I’m afraid that this is an intended behaviour in Personio. I know that our Product team is aware of it as other customers have shared the same feedback. I truly believe that having this functionality added to Personio would greatly improve our software usability! I encourage you to search for a post in our ideation area and to vote for it, in case another user has shared this suggestion for improvement. In case you don’t find any idea that describes your need, you can always post a new idea:

→ How to: Submit an idea or suggest a new feature.

Thank you very much for sharing your feedback with us!

I wish you an amazing day!



Hi community, we implemented functionality that hopefully addressed your concerns that approvers are not aware if employees change the dates of an (already taken) absence:

  • Given a user changes the date of an absence - we will specifically call this out to the approver in the copy (always) & by displaying both the old and new dates (s. below - for 3,4,5) 

  • Given that absence has already been taken, we add a specific warning 

This will happen in the following places of our product:

  • Home > Tasks

  • Email to approver with approval request

  • Employee profile > Absence tab > pending requests 

  • Company calendar > pending requests 

  • Company calendar > drawer that opens when clicking on absence period

If you have any questions or feedback about this improvement, we’d love to hear from you - feel free to schedule a short session with me via this link.

We would also appreciate if you could leave a thumbs up if this improvement solves for the challenge you described in this thread.

Thanks in advance


Product Manager @ Personio

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