How will your company and your HR team be affected by a possible recession?

  • 7 October 2022
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Hi Personio community! 

I'm Steffi and I work in product management at Personio, accountable for our Talent Management products. We are currently thinking ahead and are trying to shape our plans for 2023. I thought I’d ask you all for your combined brain power and your input. Specifically, we're wondering how the economic environment will affect our customers, that’s all of you, your needs and plans for next year. Specifically, the following topics are on our mind: 

  • Will there be an increased focus on cost savings?
  • An increased need to monitor cost, and thus targeted reporting for this?
  • Will there be less headcount growth and thus less recruiting needs?
  • Will there be more focus on performance management, e.g. discovering low performers?
  • How does inflation affect employee salaries?
  • etc etc

How can Personio best support you during this period? What will be important to your company and your HR team in 2023?

If you are also thinking about this and you want to share your thoughts, please post here in the thread. Or alternatively, we can set up a short Zoom Call 1:1. Here’s my Calendly link. If you are interested, please just comment here.

Looking forward to exchanging some thoughts here.

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Hey there 👋🏼 @gtorruella@marielle.van.wieringen@Linda@Mirjam Settly@azrask@SusanMcMullen@woutervanlinden and @Arne. You have been our most active members this week, and I thought @Steffi’s topic might interest you! 

Don’t hesitate on sharing anything about this topic with us 😊.

I wish you all a lovely weekend.



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