HR Trends 2022: The 5 Items You Need On Your Agenda

  • 16 December 2021
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HR Trends 2022: The 5 Items You Need On Your Agenda
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When it comes to the world of HR, what’s on the docket for the year ahead? 2021 was full of twists and turns, and 2022 will likely be no different -- but one thing is for certain: the prominence that HR gained during the pandemic, in driving strategy and resilience, is here to stay. 

We asked Personio’s Chief People Officer, Ross Seychell, what he sees as some of the major topics that are going to carry over into the New Year. We hope you enjoy! 


In my opinion, 2021 was the year where HR professionals truly strengthened their role and led the charge on company success. From designing hybrid working models, to building strategic plans to help businesses scale, and helping employees get better at what they do.


But, what’s ahead of us in 2022? In this article, I’ll cover the five topics me and my team are keeping our eyes on — and what you should consider adding to your agenda, too. – Ross Seychell, Chief People Officer at Personio


The Journey Ahead Of Us In 2022


As our study in coordination with Opinium earlier this year revealed, the journey for many companies in 2022 will be the consequence of a few key statistics:


  • 45% of employees want to change jobs in the next six or 12 months.
  • 36% of employees say their productivity is suffering because of too many digital tools.
  • 37% of HR professionals say they lack the data and insights to best support their organisation.


The overarching themes come from these numbers: recruitingretention, productivity improvement, and people analytics will all be in focus.


From where I stand, I think HR will continue to venture outside of itself and push the boundaries of what defines existing HR work in the year ahead – especially when it comes to these five topics…


1. A Clear Strategy To Drive Talent Acquisition


The market for top talent is incredibly competitive. For example, one study from Indeed showed that 79% of employers have had trouble recruiting in recent months. For 76% of them, this had a negative impact on their business.


To close those hiring gaps, it makes sense that start-ups and growing companies will only continue to invest in recruitment. From there, competition will only become more fierce!


At Personio, our focus in 2022 will be on developing a crystal clear employer branding and hiring strategy to optimize the effectiveness of our recruiting process.


Two important cornerstones of this will be: Having the appropriate applications on hand, but also in developing more competitive compensation models.


Looking to dig into the rest of the trending topics for the year ahead? Click here for the remaining four trends on Ross’ radar.






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