People Analytics: Be Confident in Your Decision Making! 🙏🎯

  • 3 April 2024
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People Analytics: Be Confident in Your Decision Making! 🙏🎯
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Hi Community,

Making data-based decisions is something that your marketing or sales team, for example, already does, so why not HR too? When you hear data + HR, the term “People Analytics” pops up immediately.

"How are salaries actually developing in the sales department? What is the current fluctuation rate compared to the last quarter?" - Questions that can be looked at more closely with People Analytics. 

But, What Does “People Analytics” Actually Mean?

People Analytics is the data-driven approach to optimising your people processes. It’s about gathering data, analysing it, and turning it into actionable steps that you can take to better recruit, manage, onboard, and develop your people. Essentially, what we’re getting away from is the gut feeling that sometimes powered organizations of the past. Instead, relying on quantitative data (as well as qualitative insight) to holistically analyze your people and what makes them perform at their best. - HR Lexicon


Why “People Analytics”?

The fundamental goal is to identify causal relationships and use them as a basis for decision-making. One of the main objectives is to create optimal working conditions for your employees and take their needs into account. For example, if a company location has higher fluctuation rates in comparison, HR can investigate this more closely, identify potential causes and improve corresponding processes or conditions.

The Big Question: How Do You Get the Data?

One of the keys to remaining competitive in today's world is being able to collect and interpret relevant data. To do this, HR can collect or access data both internally and externally. Of course, this alone is not enough to ensure that decisions are "well-founded". The next step is to process and compare the data in order to form hypotheses and recognise causes. Let's look at some of the possible resources: 

👉 Internal

External 👉

Employee surveys

Benchmarks from third parties

HR software, like Personio  Profiles in social media channels


Exciting News From Personio

We have been and are working on sharing first exciting updates for our new reporting experience. Here you can find a brief insight into our recent releases and next steps. We look forward to continuously improving and developing our product further with you! Simply click on “Show content” to see the new possibilities for your People Analytics.

Phase one (has been released) : Headcount and FTE report templates are available in the beta builder. Templates provide a starting point which can be amended to meet your needs.

Phase two (has been released): Reports can be created from scratch including all employee attributes.. In addition, simple calculations are available to enable flexible data analyses directly in Personio.

Phase three: Absence templates and attributes will be added to report on in a visual or tabular view.

Phase four: The range of attendance and salary attributes available in the report builder will be expanded to ensure a comprehensive reporting experience across all aspects of your organisation.


👉 This allows you to ask questions such as:

  • Average tenure per team (How long have your teams been with the company on average?)
  • Number of nationalities per entity (How international are our entities?) 
  • and much more.

Stay tuned!



How ✨YOU✨ Can Become An Expert

Just like the drivers' license test, after theory comes practice. Here you can already look forward to a new Academy course. Become a People Analytics expert and take part in the new course. You can find a summary of the course content in this Community post. After you have completed the course, come back to the Community and share your learning achievements in this post!


Let's also gather further thoughts, perspectives and insights in the comments. I look forward to the discussion!



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