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Recap: User Group Meeting - 1st Online Meeting July

Recap: User Group Meeting - 1st Online Meeting July
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Dear Community,

Here comes our recap post for our 1st International User Group Meeting! 
We hope you enjoyed it and were able to pick up some helpful tips for your daily work.

Thank you for attending so numerously and for connecting with each other in the chat.
We can’t wait to meet you @our next one. October 6th - Save the Date :wink:


As mentioned in the Meeting, you will find the recording of the individual presentations and the answers to some chat questions here in the post. 


The Personio Product Roadmap for Q3 2021
w/ Matthias Mikoschek



In Switzerland it is common to work 1 hour less on workdays before public holidays - would it be possible to set the monthly targets manually for the effected employees?

This would be a good example on how to use our new hourly absences functionality in deed. You can create an hourly absence type for your employees and they can track the -1 hour on the days before a public holiday. You can find further info about our new function here.


Is there a connection planned between attendance and absence balances? Tracking overtime compensation is still a bit complicated

The current plan we have in regards to time-off-in-lieu is to bring the the conversion of overtime that we have for absence types tracked in days today to absence type tracked in hours as well. That said, we would be happy to learn more about the challenges you're currently facing in regards to overtime compensation. You can book a call with our Product Manager for Absence Management using this link.



Performance 2.0: Start digitizing your Employee Performance & Development 
w/ Desirai Sweder



Will it also be possible to collect peer feedback via Personio?

Absolutely. The idea is to set up an automated cycle with the manager and employee review. Once we have that setup, we will add additional review types. The next two big review types will be the “upward-review” (employee giving feedback to his supervisor) and then “peer-review”. 


When Alison (from the video) is able to add a self reflection, does that mean she needs edit rights for this section and therefore is able to delete all other reviews as well theoretically?

Yes, she (employees in general) needs to have edit rights. 

We want to protect and empower employees and managers to have their own cycle and forms. Therefore employees (here Allison) can create, delete and edit forms - but - employees can’t do this only to their own forms and not anyone else.

Same applies for goals. You can choose who can edit and change those goals. 


Can Admins see the notes? I have two employees who are also Personio Admins, so they should see everything right? So I could not use the notes for them?

Admins can see the notes. Anyone who has view rights to the profile can see this.
However, employees can never see their own (regardless if they are an admin or not), so you can use the notes for your admins in this case.


The Personio Marketplace: The one-stop shop for all your HR integrations.
w/ Matthias Mikoschek



Do all partners of Personio in Marketplace comply with GDPR?

Most of our Marketplace integrations are comply with GDPR. We cannot guarantee that for all +50 partners at the moment, but we we do a thorough assessment of our partners and check if they are safe before listing them on the Marketplace.


Are these automated messages in slack editable? I meant the text itself regarding the messages, not the content. 

You can adjust the content, language and time at which the message is being send. The actual wording of the message cannot be changed at the moment.


Is there a way to have different API credentials? we need to have 2 separate credentials one with absences and a separate one for payroll

We just released a new version of the API credentials page to beta, which allows you to create mutliple API key and define access permission per set of credentials. If you're interested to test it before the general release, you can reach out to us via the support.


See you at the next UGM!

Your Community Team

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Hello @Hien_Teuchert,
As promised, here is the recording of the 1st UGM - International!

Hope you enjoyed attending it.

All the best and have a lovely weekend,


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Hi there! Unfortunately, I somehow missed this:When will the cycle builder be available? 

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Hi @Nora Winter
Let me double-check internally so I can give you the most up-to-date information about that 😊

You’ll hear from me soon!


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Hi @Nora Winter, I got an update!

The Cycle Builder feature is planned to be released at the end of this year.

We are actually starting a Beta Test for this feature in October. Would you / your company be interested to participate and to try it out before everyone else?
If you are, you can click here to learn about the Personio Beta Testing Program.

Let me know your thoughts :)


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