Your voyage around the world: Donation amount for our End-of-Year Campaign 🚀

  • 1 February 2024
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Your voyage around the world: Donation amount for our End-of-Year Campaign 🚀
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Hi Community,

The time has come: You have spent two months working wonders with us and participating in a good cause. With our End-of-Year Campaign, we said "Goodbye 2023" and "Hello 2024"! Not only that, we embarked on an exciting voyage through all of our 7 continents, with new HR-Discussions awaiting you on different days. Thereby, we received wonderful and exciting insights from you on well-known HR topics such as remote work and talent development.

The whole initiative was based on a fundraising campaign for the charity Doctors Without Borders. Each of your comments turned into €5, which we are now donating! 😇

But before we reveal the total donation amount, we would like to say a big THANK YOU for your fantastic participation! Let's rewind and also highlight some of your user comments that were shared in the discussions.

  • North America: What factors do you think influence the success of remote work?

    For me, remote working is more successful when there are still opportunities to meet up online or virtually, both for work discussions and for social events. It’s too easy to get isolated and to miss out on the ‘bouncing ideas around’ conversations that happen more naturally in person. @AliceM 


  • Antarctica: How do you think can HR improve team spirit and communication within a team?

    I think two key ways to ensure good team dynamics and team spirit would include bonding opportunities and aligning on a single goal that connects to each role. @bbuxrude 


  • Europe: From your experience, what techniques can contribute to a better work-life balance?
    • Depends a lot on the nature of work, but good project planning and project staffing goes a long way so that people don’t need to stretch more than necessary.  (...)  all types of benefits don’t cover if the work itself is not supporting your work-life balance.@Edda van der Ende 
    • We flip from Work/Life Balance to Life/Work Balance. The emphasis on Life first.@JHBEM 


You can find the full comments and remaining continents incl. their HR-Discussions here. 🚀

As you can see, the campaign was flourishing through your experiences and perspectives! Your participation is also reflected in the donation total. 

💡 Our End-of-Year campaign was held in both our .de community and .com community. We are now summing up both amounts for the donation total.


🤩 Donation amount

Drum roll for legendary...

160€ for our english-speaking campaign and
445€ for our german-speaking campaign. 


In total we'll donate 605€ to Doctors without Borders.


A big round of applause to YOU! 👏 We hope you all had a good start to the new year with the end of the campaign! Check out your profile soon to see your End-of-Year campaign Badge


Melissa and the Personio Voyager Community Team

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