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Dear Community

Is it possible for a supervisor to re-assign the absence, time-sheets approval rights on his own during his absence? Thank you for your response in advance!!!

Bests, Diana

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Hey @LegoMD 

Setting up approval processes is unfortunately an access right that is limited to Administrators. However what you can set up in the event of an absence is the use of our delegate approval option in the approval settings. 

If you navigate to Settings > Approvals > Choose absence or approval and under the approval set up you will see the Delegate approvals option:

When enabled this function automatically pushes approval requests to the supervisor of the main approver, if they are absent. Unfortunately at the moment, it is not possible to choose who the delegation is pointed to and instead it will be the regular approver’s Supervisor for now. 

If you have any follow up questions on this, please let me know.

Best regards, 


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Thank you, dear Conor!

As the exact functionality I have requested is not currently available in the product, may I please ask you to raised this to your Product Team as a suggested feature? Would this be possible? OR Should I raise it as an idea here?

Thank you so much!

bests, Diana

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