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  • 6 June 2024
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Hi :) so that’s my first post. 
How do the new employee fill out their onboarding forms in Personio, without their work e-mail has been created? 
I found a work around here, which would be:

→ when creating an employee we use the private email address and start the onboarding steps and then on their first day when the new employee gets their work email account, we manual change each profile.
Is there a better solution to that?

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We also have the workaround. We create the profile with the personal e-mail address and link all of the relevant attributes in the Onboarding template, so they can fill up their profile already (they only see the Onboarding part). Once they start, the e-mail address is changed to the company one and the employee profile receives the “Employee-role” so they can see their whole profile. 

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