Tracking Change History across Personio

  • 29 September 2022
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Hi All, 
My name is Cathy and I am a Product Expert here at Personio.

Our Product team are currently looking to introduce a way of tracking change history across our Platform. This tracking would cover the occurrence of a change event - when something is created, updated or deleted - the time at which this event occurred, the responsible user or service, the impacted entity/attribute/user/company etc. The context behind this change would also be provided.
For example, would you like to be able to see who deleted an employee profile and the time and date at which it was deleted?

From our Community users, we want to understand what are the most important change events that you would like to see tracked in Personio?

We would also like to understand your reason for searching change events and which of the below timeframes would you expect to use most:

  • Changes made in the past month
  • Changes made between 1-6 months
  • Changes made between 7-12 months
  • Changes made more than 1 year in the past

Thank you all for your continuous support and feedback! Please feel free to ask any questions, we look forward to hearing your thoughts.

15 replies

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Dear Community,

Please use this great opportunity to talk directly to our product team regarding the tracking of change history. I tag here some users that have posted suggestions for improvement in our ideation area regarding this topic, or that have voted for such ideas: @Carmen1234, @Sanja, @SONIAROCA, @Thibaut from Swile, @SalC, @Dorota, @Aneta, @Jordan_McCullough, @Sonnenblume, @Dennis Stolze, @jlastwood, @Nadja, @Stefan Kubisa, @xavier.pico, @MrWish, @raddenol, @Emma Tcheng, @JIgn, @Irene Ng.

Thank you very much for your comments! We look forward to hearing from you.

Have a lovely afternoon 🌻.



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Morning!  Our request is around two areas: 1) tracking changes of address - we need to for Right to Work checks and UK Visa and Immigration admin requirements.  2) tracking when people cancel or amend holidays.  This is about us making sure people don’t take too much holiday!  

Finally - a monthly log would be most helpful!


Thanks, @SalC 

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Hello :) 

It would be great to track changes that signify employee development. That would be Position, Team and/or Department, Seniority Level (this is a custom attribute). Ideally, we would be able to track that over the employee lifetime but the most important timeframe would be changes made between 1 to 24 months. 

Additionally, it would be amazing to have a better reporting on salary changes. The present overview is rather cumbersome and difficult to use/analyze easily.




Any employee data would be great to track historically, since Personio is our master data. Organisational changes would also be great to track historically i.e., Position, Department, Team, Supervisor etc. 

It would also be great to delete certain entries, e.g. mistakes. 

Finally, it would be great to make bulk changes retro-actively, meaning that besides the change, the date the change comes into effect could be changed as well. Currently, it is only possible for the change to come into effective straight away or in the future. It is very cumbersome to change the effective date for each and every indvidual. 

I think it would be great to see changes made within all suggested timeframes, both short-term and long-term.


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I would like to see all historic attributes changes that give information about the carreerpath of an employee: position, team, department, salary, supervisor, weekly hours, etc.

And I would also advise:

  • an option that gives HR the possibiltity to point out specific/custom made attributes to be historic.
  • every historical change needs a change date

The timeframe should have no limits. To make good strategic plans we need information about the past. A timeframe to at least 3 years in the past is needed.


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Hi @Dorota 
Thank you for the lovely chat.

This is the thread that I mentioned in our call. I see @SalC already left a comment above. :)
Feel free to add any more relevant info for @Cathy.


P.S.: There is also this idea from @Jordan_McCullough which you may find interesting:




For us it would also be really helpful to track any changes in employee data. This includes personal employee information as well as career path, internal/organizational changes and salary information. I know there is already the possibility to track the attribute changes from the Personal profile tab, but this is currently really complex and disorganized. It would be great to i.e. have separate change/history overviews for the different sections or anything similar. Furthermore, it would be helpful to be able to delete data entries that were made by mistake and to do retroactive bulk changes or to import employee data with a specific effective date.

Apart from the employee data, it would also be great to be able to track the dates of absence requests (once they were approved or declined) and the completion of On-/Offboarding steps. The latter is relevant for audits.

From my point of view, there should be no limit in terms of the timeframe.




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Hi All, thank you for your feedback and comments 😊 This thread has been very helpful to read through and understand. I have raised your needs to our Product team - we are excited to see how we can help enable effective audit logging for you all! 

I have also found similar feedback from other posts on the community (such as the ones linked below) that have also been shared and discussed with the Product team. 

We would like to thank you all for you active and engaged use of our Community - it is an amazing way for us to hear the voice and needs of our customers!

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Thank you @Cathy .  Do keep us posted on the development changes implemented!  Regards, @SalC 

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Hi all,

An excellent initiative. I agree with majority of the comments above about tracking: team, salary, position, seniority, supervisor, department, arbitrary custom attributes (this is very important as well).


I'll share just a few report groups that we generate based on Personio data - by taking snapshots periodically via Personio API and thereby creating a "historical log" ourselves (workaround).

We have similar "over time" reports for few other group of things, but these are the most important ones.




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Hi All, 

Thank you again to all of you who contributed to this post. We have taken your feedback onboard and have used this to support our plans for Audit Logging. We will be conducting user research for this new Audit Log design and functionality, and we would love to hear your thoughts. 

Would you be interested in a 20 min conversation to discuss our Audit Logging designs more? There is no need to prepare anything in advance.

If you are available, please use our agenda to pick a time that works best for you. Thank you! 

@SalC, @Kaffeeleserin, @Emma Tcheng, @Dennis Stolze, @Nadja, @Vida 

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Hi @Cathy , 

Do you have an update for us on this very valuable Audit logging feature? 

Thank you.

Kind regards,


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Hi @Cathy,

Are there any news on that?

Thanks and regards


Any update here please?

Ideally, Personio would support full audit log history with any and all changes being visible. Notion is a good example here.

Any updates on rolling out audit logs? This is a must-have feature.

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