👀Survey: How can we help you flyyyyy through Personio?

  • 3 November 2021
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Hi Community! My name is Stefanie and I am Sr Product Manager at Personio currently working on the Navigation within our platform - this means everything that helps you find the information or get to the pages you need to effortlessly. 

I am aware of how many times we approach you for your help, but we are building a product FOR YOU, so the only way to know what you want, is to ask ask ask! :slight_smile: 

This time we need your time answering THIS survey - it will take you approximately 5 mins of your time. In the survey we ask you how would you feel if you had certain features and to rank some others. It is like a sneak preview towards what’s coming - so I believe it is quite interesting. 

In the end, this will give us more insights towards what’s most important to you, what we need to prioritize and the best ways to do so. Remember, this is for you, so you need to tell us what you want! 

Anyone can answer it, HR Managers, Recruiters, Supervisors, Employees...anyone really, we just need to know what you want and how you feel about specific ideas. The survey is in English, but it is pretty basic, so anyone can understand it. 

To access the survey just click on THIS LINK.
If you have any questions along the way, feel free to comment on this post or contact me at: stefanie.stanislawski-michelena@personio.de. 


Thank you for your time and insights! 
Stef, Sr Product Manager


4 replies

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Hey @Stef that looks pretty exciting!

Let me tag some users that have provided plenty of useful feedback in the past, and may be interested in participating and sharing their opinions.

@Jordan_McCullough@AnoukH@Edda van der Ende@Aneta@Katriina@georg.deutschmann@Nick@Dennis Stolze.


And also some of the Community Newjoiners 😊 Welcome!

@Victoria HM@RiinaK@Eleni P@Caitriona Foley@mickaelarrestier@j-p@Antonia77


Here’s a sneak-peek of the survey..
Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts!



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Thank you @Daniele - I’ve answered now and will be happy to answer in the future as well, so keep tagging me in these ;)

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Thank you @Daniele - I’ve answered now and will be happy to answer in the future as well, so keep tagging me in these ;)

Thank you Edda! 

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Happy Monday, @Edda van der Ende!
I awarded you a new digital badge as a Thank-You for all your helpful feedback 😊

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