How to request 30-50% sick leave?

  • 5 February 2024
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Hi @here, is there any improvement on how to register a period of sick leave on Personio absence calendar if the doctor’s cert states 30 or 50% per day for 2-3 weeks? It would be very useful to have a solution for that since it happens often that the employee receive that kind of certificate from the doctor. 

Thank you for the update in advance! Diana


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5 replies

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Hey @LegoMD 

At the moment the certificate requirement will only work for full day absences. The Product Team are aware that customers need this in future to work in partial day absence requests, so it is noted. Therefore while I cannot offer an improvement on this at this time, I can tell you that hopefully in future this issue will be looked into and resolved. 

If I did not answer your question or this was about something else, please let me know and I am happy to look into it for you.

Best regards, 


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Thank you, Conor! I am looking forward to this improvement, it is very important! Best regards, Diana

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Hi LegoMD,

How do you handle it right now? I have the same case right now and would be interested to know a workaround for the time being. :-)



Thank you, Conor! I am looking forward to this improvement, it is very important! Best regards, Diana


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Hi Sabbu, I am sorry for the late reply!!! Until now, we had cases for part-time employees, so we changed their work schedule on the way they could request 1 or 2 full days a week. For example for 0.8 FTE, 32 hours per week, 50% work incapacity - since the work schedule of the employee was 6.4 hours/day, we changed this to 4 full days, so the employee could take 2 full sick-days. The only thing is that the employee had to enter the request for every week - we stored the certificate only once and accepted the next requests without certificate. I hope I was able to explain it clearly, otherwise, pls contact me again :-)

Have a good day and best regards, Diana

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Hi @LegoMD, thank you for your reply! And yes, I understood. :-) 

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