Absence type "Child illness" not visible/selectable for employees

  • 6 February 2024
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We would like to make the created absence type "Child illness" selectable for employees. Currently, the selection option does not appear, neither in the drop-down menu nor in the list on the right:

Wir möchten die erstellte Abwesenheitsart “Krankheit Kind” für die Mitarbeitenden wählbar machen. Derzeit taucht die Auswahlmöglichkeit nicht auf, weder im Drop down, noch in der Auflistung rechts auf: 



We had initially considered whether to store a quota. The absence type then appears on the employee's dashboard and can be selected. However, this leads to confusion for all people without children. 

We would therefore like to refrain from doing this and only enable visibility and selectability (similar to mobile working - without a quota rule - for example). 

Has anyone already had this situation where an absence type is not visible without a quota rule? 

And/or does anyone have any ideas on how to make the absence type accessible?

Thanks in advance :)

Wir hatten zunächst überlegt, ob wir ein Kontingent hinterlegen. Dann taucht die Abwesenheitsart auf dem Dashboard des Mitarbeitenden auf und ist wählbar. Dies führt aber zu Verwirrung aller Personen ohne Kinder. 

Daher möchten wir davon absehen und nur die Sichtbarkeit und Wählbarkeit (analog bspw. Mobiles Arbeiten - ohne Kontingentregel -) ermöglichen. 

Hat jemand diesen Fall auch schon gehabt, dass eine Abwesenheitsart ohne Kontingentregel nicht sichtbar ist? 

Und/ Oder hat jemand eine Idee, wie wir die Abwesenheitsart zugänglich machen?

Danke vorab :)


2 replies

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Hi @Gerdi,

Since the international community is open for markets from different countries, the language we use is English. If you don’t feel very confident with the language, don’t worry, you can use an automatic translating tool. I personally use DeepL.

P.S. If you rather communicate in German, make sure to visit our DACH Community, where this is the official language.

I have translated your post this time 😊.

I wish you a lovely day!



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Hi @Gerdi,

If they are not selectable it has to do possibly with one of these two reasons:

1.  The employees do not Propose rights in Settings > Employee Roles > relevant Employee Role > Absence > Child illness. You can grant them here Propose rights so they will be able to select this Absence type in their Absence tab.

If you would like this Absence type only to be visible for employees that have children, you can create an Employee role only for employees that have children an give here the relevant Propose rights.

2.  Another possible reason for not showing in the Absence tab of employee, is if this Absence type has an Accrual policy and this Accrual policy hasn’t been assigned in the Profile of the employee.

You can do this by going to the relevant Employee profile > Absence tab > Look here for the relevant Absence type > Assign policy:


Here you will find more information regarding: Access rights.

I hope you have a lovely day.



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