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  • 7 February 2024
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Dear all,


For now we have a policy assigned to employees with carryover days expiration date set to 3 months.

According to our newest vacation policy, we want to extend this date to 15th of April.

This policy is already assigned to our employees, and apparently it cannot be changed.


Can you please advise if there is any possibility to adjust the carryover expiration date from March 31 to April 15?


Thanks and regards,


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Hi @Bogdan,

When an Accrual policy is assigned to employees we cannot make any adjustment, unless you unassign this Accrual policy in the profiles of the employees. 

Another possibility is to create a new Accrual policy with carryover April 15th, and assign this in the profiles of employees.

When you assign an Accrual policy you will have the option between:


Here you will find more information regarding: Create accrual policies.​​​​​​

Hope you have a lovely day.



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