Assistance with vacation accrual policies is needed

  • 10 January 2024
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Dear all,


we need assistance with vacation accrual policies. We use vacation leave in days and have vacation accrual based on the employee tenure. We have issues with additional vacation days accruals, they are not calculated correctly: currently they are granted all at once but should be granted as 1/12 part every month. I would appreciate if we could have a call to look at the set-up and the issues we are facing.


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Hi @Agne Ignotiene,

If I understood properly, you want the paid vacation entitlement to be granted monthly, instead of getting it all at the beginning of the period (first of January o from the work anniversary). For that, your Accrual policies should be configured as such. To do that, you can create new accrual policies by navigating to Settings > Work Hours and Absences > Absence > Paid vacation (or the one you have) > Add new accrual policy. In the second step: Granting, you can select the Granting method as Monthly, and then you have the option to have it at the start of the month or at the end. For more information about this topic, you can visit our Help Center article: Create accrual policies.

You will need to assign the new accrual policies to the employees and we recommend to do it from the Start of current period. If you change it from the Hire date, the changes will be done retroactively and affect the balances.

If yo need further support, you can always let me know, but if you need to check specific data on your account with someone, a support ticket is the correct request form. Through a support ticket, we will be able to log in into your account, check the settings together with you, and also verify if the topic might involve a system error.

You can contact the support team via Find Answers. Be aware that only Account Owners can contact our support team. In case you are not registered as such, please contact your colleagues in the role, or add this information in your account. You can find out how here.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can support you with 😃

I wish you a lovely afternoon! 🙌🏼




Hi @Zulema, thanks for the response, but that is not what I asked. I have an issue with the additional vacation days that are granted based on tenure. I see people are getting those all at once, once the tenure has reached the time indicated in the policy. We need it to be assigned monthly that is 1/12 of the additional day, that has to be granted after for example 2 years of service. 

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Hi @Agne Ignotiene,

Thanks for the clarification and sorry for the confusion!

Currently, this is an intended behaviour of the system. Once the granting moment for reward arrives, the extra entitlement based on the tenure will be fully granted and it is not possible to get it monthly prorated. I can understand why this functionality would be useful, and I would like to encourage you to post this suggestion of improvement in our Ideation area. This way, other users will be able to vote for it, and the suggestion will be shared with our Product team.

In order for us to fully understand your idea, I share with you a couple of questions that your description should clarify when posting in the Ideation area:

  • What would you like to achieve with Personio? What issue do you need to solve?

  • Why? What would be the added value for you?

  • How are you solving it right now?

The more details, the better! However, remember not to share any personal or business data with the public.

Make sure to add the link to the idea in this thread, so that other users that find your question can upvote it 💪🏼

Thank you in advance for sharing your ideas with us 🙌🏼



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