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Attendance & Absences

  • 9 March 2021
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Dear Community,

In this section you can exchange information and ask questions about work schedules (implementation step 5) and absences (implementation step 6 and implementation step 7).

Among other things, the configuration of work schedules  is an important prerequisite for the correct calculation of vacations.

Absences include, for example, paid vacation, sick leave or parental leave. Personio distinguishes between absences without accrual policies, such as illness, and absences with accrual policies, such as paid vacation. Accrual balances and absence periods can easily be imported using our templates. You can find the import templates in our help center.

6 replies

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We are in implementation phase and I have question regarding the carryover vacation (Accrual balance) from last year. Namely I did the import but in some cases (some employees) the accrual balance did not import. What can I do?


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Dear @Iskra Koneska ,

thank you very much for your question.

Did you use the template EN Accrual Balance Upload.xlsx that can be found here?

Also, I would suggest to create an overview in your employee list including the attribute “paid vacation/ balance” to check for which employees the import didn’t work.



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Dear Mirjam,

Yes I did use that template.

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Hello @Iskra Koneska ,

I will get in touch with you via email so we can take a closer look why the import didn’t work.

Also, I would like to share the information about the manual adjustment of the vacation balance with you: if you click on the employee profile, go to the absence tab and click on the pencil icon for the absence vacation, you can adjust the balance. More information can be found in this Helpcenter article.

I hope you have a great afternoon!


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Thanks Mirjam,

It worked!:) Thanks for you your support. Very much appreciated.




we have Personio connected with  Datev LODAS. If a team members goes on Maternity protection, what is the best way to add/edit the salary in personio (do i do it manually to each month for “zuschuss zu Mutterschutz”).

Also if a member of the team is on Parental leave, how do I add that to personio salary at best. I believe the “Absence” calendar does not communicate with the Datev integration… If I just change the “do not consider in German Payroll” then the salary overview of the year is not accurate. As far as i know, you can’t change the salary to 0€.


thanks for all your help, Meeri 

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