Declined work hours in attendances

  • 23 November 2022
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Declined tracked hours appear in the total worked time. 

I find it inconvenient to manually correct the times in a (signed) document. Can this be changed?



The moderator translated this post. See the original post here:

Auch abgelehnte Stunden erscheinen in der gesamten Arbeitszeit. Ich finde es ungünstig, auf einem (unterschriebenen) Dokument händisch die Zeiten zu korrigieren.  Kann das geändert werden?


3 replies

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Dear @Zaubermaus,

Welcome to the international Personio-Community! We are thrilled to see you here 🥳.

Since our users in this community all speak different languages, we communicate in English. Therefore, I have translated your inquiry. You can also join our German Community if you prefer to communicate in German.

I am happy to support you with your inquiry. Could you please let me know from which report exactly you obtained the attendance hours from your screenshot?

Thank you very much in advance for your answer!



Hi Andrea,

the screenshot is from an ecxel-frile. I have taken the values from the timesheet. 

Thanks for your support.



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Hi @Zaubermaus,

Please never share any private information within the community. The platform is available to anyone and so, anyone is able to download or save any private information you share. I have erased the attachment you sent for this reason. 

I will ask internally if this is an intended behavior of the system, since for me, it is also not logical that declined hours are considered within this document. 

I will get back to you asap!



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